Calif. fishing season |

Calif. fishing season

to open on April 26

That season will run through Oct. 31 in Inyo County and through Nov. 15 for the remainder of California’s other counties.

Anglers will be able to fish a large number of nearby California streams, creeks and rivers that have been closed since last Oct. 31.

They include such waters as the West Carson River, the East Carson River, the West Walker River, the East Walker River, the Little Walker River, the Truckee River, Buckeye Creek, Green Creek, Mammoth Creek, Robinson Creek, Rush Creek, Virginia Creek, etc.

In addition, they will also be able to fish at other locations such as Bridgeport Reservoir, Convict Lake, Crowley Lake, Dynamo Pond, the June Lake Loop (Grant, Gull, June and Silver) Lundy Lake, the Mammoth Lakes (George, Mamie, Mary and Twin), Sabrina Lake, South Lake, Upper and Lower Twin Lakes and the Virginia Lakes area, all easily reached by automobile.

It also means that once the snow pack melts and recedes and the surface ice melts, hikers can fish at walk-in lakes, such as Burro, Kirman (Carmen), East, Fremont, Gilman, Upper and Lower Hoover, Lane, Nutter, Upper Lower and Middle Par Value, Poore, Roosevelt, Secret, Summit and West.

And the waters that open on April 26 also include California’s remote wilderness areas, such as Carson-Iceberg, Desolation, Emigrant, Hoover, John Muir, Mokelumne, etc.

Also opening will be all the waters in King’s Canyon, Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks.

If the weather is nice, expect to encounter huge crowds of anglers along the entire Eastern Sierra Front.

Those hordes of people will be concentrated at such popular drive-in fishing destinations as Crowley Lake, Convict Lake, the June Lake Loop, Upper and Lower Twin Lakes, the West Walker River, the East Walker River, Robinson Creek and Buckeye Creek.

Anglers interested in fishing California’s backcountry should expect to encounter deep snow and ice-covered lakes anywhere above an elevation of about 8,000 feet.

If you’re one of those hardy anglers, go prepared with cross country skis, snowshoes or a snowmobile.

You’ll need them to get to your favorite walk-in lake.

And remember to carry a snow shovel and an ice-auger to use when you reach that special lake. You’ll need them, too.