Darrell Moody

check-minus OFFENSE: Unfortunately, the Senators were never able to put a lengthy drive together the entire night and the 14 points and 133 yards represented season lows. Both TDs came on short fields, and they missed out on a golden opportunity on their second possession of the game.

Check DEFENSE: A quick start and fumble recovery helped Carson dominate for almost the entire first quarter, but the long run at the end of the first quarter turned the momentum around to McQueen, and the first drive of the thid quarter made it impossible for Carson to come back. Carson’s defensive front got pushed off the ball far to often.

Check SPECIAL TEAMS: In decent conditions and at full strength this would have been a check minus, but punting into the wind was a tough task, and neither team did well. Kickoffs were more of the line drive variety by McQueen and Sawyers never got a chance to show his stuff. Carson did miss a field goal with the wind that at the time was big, but by the third quarter didn’t really matter.

– Darrell Moody