Carson High’s Hunter Rauh among north’s best |

Carson High’s Hunter Rauh among north’s best

Darrell Moody
Hunter Rauh was the top finisher for Carson at the regional championships last season in cross country finishing 22nd with a time of 18:01.
Brad Coman/Nevada Appeal


When: Today (Saturday), 9 a.m.

Where: Reed High School

At stake: The top finishers move on to the 4A finals on May 12, which is the state qualifier.



100 meters: 1, Peyton Dixon, jr., Bishop Manogue, 11.14 (Big George); 2, Ben Granados, jr., Carson, 11.27 (Carson Invitational).

200 meters: 1, Peyton Dixon, jr., Bishop Manogue, 13.03 (Big George); 2, Ben Granados, jr., Carson, 11.27 (Carson Invitational).

400 meters: 1, Jesse Fry, sr., Bishop Manogue, 52.19 (Reed invite); 2, Zach Harris, sr., Bishop Manogue, 53.24 (Reed invite).

800 meters: Zach Harris, sr., Bishop Manogue, 2:00.80 (Thunder Invitational, Rocklin); 2, Tony Lechuga, sr., Damonte Ranch, 2:01.22 (Del Oro Invitational, Loomis).

1,600 meters: 1, Zach Harris, sr., Bishop Manogue, 4:30.40 (Bronco Roundup, Sacramento); 2, Aric Turner, sr., Damonte Ranch, 4:31.22 (Del Oro Invitational).

3,200 meters: 1, Carson Leavitt, sr., Galena, 9:37.54 (West Valley Invitational, Chico); 2, Aric Turner, sr., Damonte Ranch, 9:41.42 (Del Oro Invitational).

110 high hurdles: 1, Gunnar Anderson, so., Galena, 16.17 (Reed Invitational); 2, Alexander Driesner, so., Wooster, 16.20 (Douglas meet).

300 intermediate hurdles: 1, Tony Viola, sr., Bishop Manogue, 43.30 (Big George); 2, Jakob Heller, so., Carson, 44.07 (Carson JV Invitational).

4x100 relay: 1, Bishop Manogue 44.73 (Northwest Invitational); 2, Galena 44.90 (Bob Shaffer Classic). Douglas: 5, 45.59.

4x200 relay: 1, Carson 1:32.50 (Carson Invitational); 2, Douglas 1:35.66 (Big George).

4x400 relay: 1, Carson 3:36.60 (Carson Invitational); 2, Bishop Manogue 3:37.57 (Carson Invitational).

4x800 relay: 1, Bishop Manogue 8:15.91 (Carson Invitational); 2, Damonte Ranch 8:24.54 (Northwest Invitational).

Shot put: 1, Cyrus Williams, sr., (Damonte Ranch), 51-4 (Del Oro Invitational); 2, Augustino Tavita, sr., Wooster, 45-6-3/4 (Bob Shaffer Classic).

Discus: 1, Cyrus Williams, sr., Damonte Ranch, 162-6 (Reed invite); 2, Samuel Kreins, jr., Damonte Ranch, 140-2 (Fallon Elks Invitational).

High jump: 1, Kyle Kawada, so., Galena, 6-2 (West Valley Invitational); 2, Audie Dellavella, sr., Galena, 5-10 (Galena meet).

Pole vault: 1, Jeremy Uithoven, sr., Galena, 14-7 (West Valley Invitational); 2, Max Crow, sr., Bishop Manogue, 14-6 (Big George).

Long jump: 1, Peyton Dixon, jr., Bishop Manogue, 21-5-1/2 (Northwest Invitational); 2, Garrett Dunn, sr., Galena, 20-3 (Northwest Invitational).

Triple jump: 1, Tanner Kalicki, sr., Carson, 41-11-1/2 (Northwest Invitational).


100 meters: Grace Harris Hammond, jr., Damonte Ranch, 12.80 (Northwest Invitational); 2, Maali Deleon, so., Bishop Manogue, 12.89 (Carson Invitational).

200 meters: 1, Grace Harris Hammond, jr., Bishop Manogue, 25.86 (Del Oro Invitational); 2, Maali Deleon, so., Bishop Manogue, 26.58 (Carson Invitational).

400 meters: 1, Rosie Linkus, sr., Bishop Manogue, 59.42 (Sacramento MOC); 2, Grace Harris Hammond, jr., Damonte Ranch, 1:00.23.

800 meters: 1, Rosie Linkus, sr., Bishop Manogue, 2:13.93; 2, Abigail Pradere, jr., Carson, 2:14.64.

1,600 meters: 1, Hannah Covington, sr., Bishop Manogue, 4:59.16 (Stanford Invitational); 2, Abigail Pradere, jr., Carson, 5:10.65 (Arcadia Invitational).

3,200 meters: 1, Eliana Ornelas, sr., Wooster, 11:11.71 (Arcadia Invitational); 2, Carly Legenbauer, so., Damonte Ranch, 11:29.19 (Del Oro Invitational).

100 hurdles: 1, Kayla Burnham, jr., Damonte Ranch, 16.17 (Del Oro Invitational); 2, Mackenna Miller, jr., Wooster, 16.90 (Douglas meet).

300 low hurdles: 1, Megan Veil, fr., Douglas, 46.87 (Carson Invitational); 2, Kayla Burnham, jr., Damonte Ranch, 47.67 (Sacramento MOC).

4x100 relay: 1, Damonte Ranch 50.47 (Sacramento MOC); 2, Galena 51.01 (Bob Shaffer Classic).

4x200 relay: 1, Damonte Ranch 1:47.68 (Reed Invitational); 2, Douglas 1:47.86 (Big George).

4x400 relay: 1, Damonte Ranch 4:09.31; 2, Carson 4:11.37.

4x800 relay: 1, Damonte Ranch 10:19.21 (Northwest Invitational); 2, Douglas 10:42.96 (Northwest Invitational).

Shot put: 1, Meleeah McKown, so., Douglas, 34-8-1/2 (Carson Invitational); 2, Allison Gunderson, jr., Bishop Manogue, 33-10-1/4 (Carson Invitational).

Discus: 1, Kindra Ruckman, sr., Douglas, 117-1 (Douglas meet); 2, Meleeah McKown, so., Douglas, 109-11 (Fallon Elks Invitational).

High jump: 1, Hannah Carr, jr., Douglas, 5-0 (Big George); 2, Kayla Provost, jr., Douglas, 4-10 (Reed Invitational).

Pole vault: 1, Isabella Griffin, so., Galena, 9-0 (Reno meet); 2, Adrianna Osmetti, jr., and Shelby Jones, jr., Bishop Manogue, 8-7 (both at Carson Invitational).

Long jump: 1, Annika Dixon, so., Galena, 16-4-1/4 (Bob Shaffer Classic); 2, Sarah Rawlins, so., Bishop Manogue, 16-1-3/4 (Big George).

Triple jump: 1, Reilly Moss, sr., Galena, 34-8 (Fallon Elks Invitational); 2, Abby Paulson, sr., Carson, 34-0-1/2.

More commitment has equaled better performances for Carson High’s track standout Hunter Rauh.

Rauh, who’s ranked fourth among Sierra League 800 runners and 19th in the state entering today’s trials at Reed High School, has shaved seven seconds off his time from last season. The CHS junior chalks it up to working harder.

“I’ve had such an amazing season,” Rauh said after Wednesday’s workout. “I have worked a lot harder (than ever before), and I’ve become a good runner.

“My mindset has changed. I’ve been harder on myself; not taking any days off. I’ve changed my diet; not eating as much junk food and eating healthier. I burned off the calories that I didn’t need to have.”

Hence the better performances. Reno’s Colby Thomas has the best time at 2:00.00, and then it’s four Sierra League runners — Manogue’s Zach Harris (2:00.80), Damonte’s Tony Lechuga (2:01.22), Manogue’s Jesse Fry (2:01.4) and Rauh at 2:01.91. The top two finishers in each league get automatic berths, and then it’s the next fastest times regardless of league that make the 4A finals on May 12 at Carson.

“He’s having a great season,” CHS distance coach Steve Pradere said. “He did a great job being in shape coming off basketball. He has a really good interval and base, and that work is paying off. He has a phenomenal attitude. He is super positive and carries a lot of his teammates.”

“They can see I’m working harder,” Rauh said. “They see how much fun it is to be good at something. I did a lot of core exercises (during basketball), because I needed to get in shape for all the running I was going to do in track. Occasionally I would take a 10-mile run. I think playing basketball has helped me with my speed.”

Rauh is confident he will finish high enough on Saturday to reach the finals given the fact most of the runners in the Sierra League have chalked up better times than their High Desert counterparts

“I don’t want to just reach state, I want to be competitive at state,” Rauh said.

To do that, he would have to do something nobody in Northern Nevada has done yet, and that is to break the 2-minute mark. Six runners in Las Vegas, led by Green Valley’s Martin Nelson’s 1:56.61, have accomplished that feat.

Weather has played a big factor for runners in Northern Nevada, according to Pradere. He pointed out Southern Nevada runners have much better conditions to run in.

“It was so cold early in the season,” Pradere said. “This is the time of the year when a lot of runners’ times will come down (below 2:00).”

And, Pradere thinks Rauh is capable of that.

“I want to get to 1:59 and maybe 1:58.5 (this year),” Rauh said. “That would put me in good position to break the school record (Bryan McClellan ran a 1:57.40 in 1987). It’s been there for about 30 years. I think I’ve been going out too fast. I need to run about a 15-second 100 (to start) and around 30 at the first 200 mark. I want to be able to have something left at the end.”

Rauh is also running the anchor leg on the Senators’ 1600 relay team. Rauh, Darryll Heyward, Dominic Martinez and Chance Smith are ranked first in the Sierra League at 3:36.60. The Senators are nearly a full second better than Bishop Manogue.