Carson LIttle League board member to head district |

Carson LIttle League board member to head district

Darrell Moody

Tim Terry has spent most of his adult years involved with Carson City Little League’s baseball program in a variety of positions.

And, now he has an opportunity to make an even bigger impact.

Terry was voted the District 1 administrator starting at the end of the current Little League season.

Terry will be responsible for North Valleys, Reno American East, Reno American West, Washoe, Sparks National, Sparks Centennial, Carson Valley, Carson City, Reno National, Reno Continental, South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe and Truckee little leagues.

Terry, who is currently a member of the Carson Little League board, cracked a joke upon receiving congratulations from this reporter about his new position.

“Condolences and congratulations seem to running almost equal,” Terry said. “I’m qualified at least on paper. I’ve done everything else, so this seemed to be the next logical step.”

The new District 1 boss has one big goal for the upcoming season: improve relationships.

“I want to improve the relationships between the District and individual leagues,” Terry said.

In past years, there has been grumbling that certain leagues have received preferential treatment. Terry, however, declined to comment on the subject.

Terry also wants to make better use of the internet and the District 1 Web site to make sure Little League news reaches everybody.

The numbers, at least in Carson City, have been dwindling. Terry said he wants to look into them to see if there is anything that can be done.

When he got involved with the league in the late 1970s when there were 1,200 kids participating. Now, that number is around 600, which is very low for a population of 54,000.

Carson City used to have two leagues, National and American, but is now down to one.

“I don’t know if it’s a universal problem or not,” he admitted. “There has been declining enrollment the last several years. I know that’s been the case with Carson City.”

Terry said he would love to see every league-eligible child attempt to play Little League baseball for at least one season. If he can get that to happen that would likely boost Carson’s enrollment by several hundred.