Carson Midgets roll to victory |

Carson Midgets roll to victory

Appeal Staff Report

It looks like the Carson Senator Midget youth football team is determined to make it back to the Florida for the National Championships after opening the season with an impressive 32-0 win over the Douglas Tigers.

Virtually the same group of players made it to nationals two years ago and with three new key players, it appears this team is more talented than the one that played at nationals. This is the last chance for these players to make it back to nationals before they enter high school.

Connor Beattie got the Senators off to a good start against Douglas, returning the opening kickoff to the Carson 37-yard line. Six players later, Beattie plunged three yards into the end zone. Dylan Sawyers scored the next offensive touchdown and Beattie returned a punt 70 yards for another score.

Austin Pacheco kicked all three two-pointers to give Carson a 24-0 lead. The offense was paced by the blocking and line play of Keegan Aiazzi, Tim Baylor, Patrick Craugh, Nick Garcia, Taylor Gregorich, Chance Harmon, Rafe King, Jake Myers, Cody Odiorone, Tyler Ohl, Logan Peternell, Jordan Siembida, Mike Walters and Ben Wendell.

“The way these young men blocked today I feel we can beat anybody,” offensive line coach John Lander said.

Baylor, Beattie, Colby Blueberg, T.J. Menning, Pacheco, Peternell and Siembida combined to run for 217 yards on 27 carries, Menning and Chanch Quilling combined to pass for 36 yards. Blueberg, Chris Fernandez, Pacheco, Peternell and Sawyers all caught passes.

Beattie scored his thrid touchdown and Pacheco kicked his fourth two-pointer for the final margin.

For the defense, Beattie stopped a Tigers running back for a loss on the first play from scrimmage. The defense of Baylor, Beattie, Blueberg, Craugh, Fernandez, Patrick Hesse, Myers, Cody Odiorne, Tyler Ohl, Pacheco, Peternell, Qulling, Sawyers and Simebida combined to hold Douglas to four first downs for the game.

Siembida had two sacks and a tackle for a loss while Beattie, Craugh and Peternell all had tackles for loss. Beattie and Blueberg each had an interception and Pacheco and Peternell each had fumble recoveries. Quilling also blocked a punt.

“I can’t say enough about these kids” defensive coach Junior Lopez said. “They were

tenacious. I asked them to improve each week and it’s going to be tough to out do this one.”

The Senators will travel to Truckee to play the Wolverines at 10 a.m. Saturday.