CARSON REPORT CARD: Carson 28, Spanish Springs 21 |

CARSON REPORT CARD: Carson 28, Spanish Springs 21


Carson 28, Spanish Springs 21

OFFENSE: CHECK PLUS: The return of Dylan Sawyers gives the Senators that added dimension of expressiveness and also opens up other areas of the field for his teammates. Trey Jensen threw the ball well, and the plan to isolate Sawyers in 1-on-1 coverage coming out of the field was a good one.

DEFENSE: CHECK: The only thing that saved the Senators from the dreaded check-minus was the fact they only gave up one score in the second half, and that was really the fault of special teams play. Spanish Springs destroyed Carson in the first half with its running game led by Conrad Tanyi. Carson kept trying to tackle the bruiser high, and that’s just not going to work. Carson also lost containment a couple of times, and that’s never good.

SPECIAL TEAMS: CHECK: Austin Pacheco missed a 30-yard field goal, but was solid on kickoffs. He cramped up late in the game which is why Carson blooped the final kickoff of the night. Carson uses that rugby punt formation, and that cost the Senators a score because Pacheco was unable to get a kick off and Spanish Springs drove for a game-tying score. Coach Blair Roman was afraid to kick it to Austin Rauh. So just kick it away from where he is. You can directional kick without kicking on the run.

– Darrell Moody