Carson riders invited to X Games |

Carson riders invited to X Games

Appeal Staff Report

Carson City should be well represented in this week’s X Games with two motocross riders – Matt Buyten and Adam Jones – from this community invited to participate in the event.

The X Games will be held Thursday through Sunday in Los Angeles. Buyten, 26, has been invited to compete in the moto x step up competition to be held on Saturday. Jones, 22, has been invited to compete in the moto x best trick event on Friday and the moto x freestyle on Sunday.

Buyten’s once-promising freestyle career has been derailed by a bad right shoulder.

But he’s still a threat in the step up, which is the motorcycle equivalent of the pole vault in which riders try to clear a bar as high as more than 30 feet.

Buyten had a classic duel with Jeremy McGrath in step up at the 2004 X Games despite the fact that his shoulder popped out twice during the event. Buyten lost the jump off and the title to McGrath and settled for second and also took second last year.

He was the surprise gold medalist in step up in 2003, unseating undefeated three-time defending champion Tommy Clowers.

Jones is extremely talented with a huge assortment of tricks. The creative rider features great let-go stunts, big bar tricks and excellent extension that can be medal worthy, as proven at the 2004 X Games when he captured bronze in freestyle. Although he doesn’t like how the flip is overscored, he’s stays current with his flip combos.

When he’s solid, his collection of let-go tricks, great bar ability and extension combine with his 45-foot flip make him a legitimate threat for a medal.

In freestyle, riders do tricks while covering a motocross course. Best trick is just that as riders are given the chance to perform their best trick over a motocross jump.

The X Games will be televised by ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. More information on the X Games is also available at