Carson tennis teams beat Hug |

Carson tennis teams beat Hug

Staff Reports

The Carson High boys and girls teams had what amounted to exhibition matches on Thursday against Hug.

Hug’s boys only had four players – two in singles and one doubles team – while the Hug girls had just two players. So both of Carson’s teams were able to play many of their less experienced players. Carson’s boys won 39-6 and the Senator girls won 36-9.

In the boys match, Brad Cobler won 6-1, Ben Henningsen won 6-3 and James Pelz won 6-4 in singles. Chris Bassette also played well in a 6-7 loss, losing 6-8 in the tiebreaker.

In doubles, Todd Crowell and Matt Kengott won 6-1, Alex and Tyler Wing won 6-0 and Wheeler Cowperthwaite and Chris Funk won 6-3.

“I realize I have a large squad,” Carson coach Pat Houlihan said. “I want them to play. I want kids to have game experience.”

With less experienced players, Carson’s girls lost all three doubles matches that were contested against Hug. Kacey Moseley and Melissa Whitcome played well in a 5-7 loss as did Sarah Asp and Megan Carter, who lost 3-6. Jenni Hood and Kirsti Phillipi also lost in doubles.