Carson to take on Damonte in wrestling |

Carson to take on Damonte in wrestling

It hasn’t taken long for the Carson High and Damonte Ranch to be budding rivals in wrestling.

With Damonte beating Carson for the first time last year and the Mustangs the consensus favorite to win the Northern 4A crown this season, tonight’s match at Morse Burley Gym has taken on a rivarly flavor. Since both teams have already beaten Douglas, the winner of this match will be expected to win the Sierra League title.

“It’s provided the rivalry atmosphere,” said Carson coach Tyson Thivierge about the rise of Damonte. “It’s a huge match. It could determine the conference (league) title. It’s that big. We’ll just take it in stride.”

Both teams won close matches over Douglas, with the Senators beating the Tigers 39-36 and Damonte beating Douglas 46-36. Those results could be encouraging for Carson going into tonight’s match, which is scheduled to begin at about 6 p.m.

“I think we match up well with Douglas and they did match up with Damonte,” Thivierge said. “Regardless I think it’s going to be close.”

Damonte coach Kevin Carter said last week’s match against Douglas really has nothing to do with tonight. “This week’s a new week and a new team,” Carter said.

Thivierge said a key will be which team can avoid being pinned the most and pin their opponents the most when given the chance.

Carson was stunned by Damonte last year when the Mustangs won nine of the 10 matches that were wrestled on their way to the win. Thivierge said Damonte provided a hostile environment that he and his wrestlers didn’t handle well.

“We went in there with the wrong attitude,” Thivierge said. “I shoulder a lot of it. I think we’re prepared properly. I think our kids are where they need to be at this point of the year.”

Thivierge said there’s many associated with the Carson program who remember last year’s loss and want revenge this season.

“A lot of people at school know it was a huge loss for us last year against them,” Thivierge said. “They really want us to beat Damonte.”

Carter said last year’s win was a big one for the program. “We feel any time you can get a win against Carson you’re pretty lucke,” he said. “We felt very fortunate.”

And Carter knows that the tables are turned this year with his team having to come to Carson. “We’re going to ahve to deal with a hostile crowd, tradition and a world class coach,” Carter said.

Among Damonte’s top wrestlers are Trey Edmunds (171 pounds), Jordan O’Neal (112) and Micah Chalk (189). But Thivierge pointed out that the Mustangs’ entire lineup is strong.

“They’re pretty solid everywhere,” Thivierge said. “They’re very solid at every weight. That’s a safe assumption.”

Among Carson’s most impressive wrestlers early in the season have been Garrett Truesdale (215), Todd Banko (125) and Aaron Jolcover (140).