CFL – maybe Raiders – in Vick’s future |

CFL – maybe Raiders – in Vick’s future

by Joe Ellison
Nevada Appeal Betting Columnist

Monday ex-NFL star Michael Vick will be sentenced after having pled guilty to dogfighting conspiracy charges. Vick almost entirely financed Bad Newz Kennels, which participated in interstate dogfighting, and gambling on matches. For six years on his property dogs would be trained to kill, and those deemed not vicious enough were executed by drowning, hanging, beating and electrocution.

Two co-defendants in his case have received 18 and 21 months in prison respectively for their actions, and Vick can receive a maximum of five years. Already in the doghouse, Vick has made the transition from teammate to inmate, volunteering for jail three weeks early.

Vick’s obsession with dogfighting has also proved costly in the pocketbook. Gone is the $80 million left on his football contract and another 50 in endorsements. The Atlanta Falcons want $20-30 million in bonuses returned, he is being sued by banks for defaulting on $4 mil in loans, and he has been forced to set aside $1 mil to care for his remaining dogs to reintegrate them into society. A very nasty and costly habit indeed.

The most ironic part of this sordid story is that a dog deserves the most credit for leading authorities to the Vick property. A police dog sniffed marijuana coming from Vick’s cousin’s car at a nightclub parking lot, launching an investigation into the registered car owner, who lived at the house owned by Michael Vick. In a sense, that dog saved who knows how many other dogs from certain death.

So, what lies in Michael Vick’s future? First of all, it appears there will be at least two years in federal prison for being the ringleader of the operation. In what could be considered a bit of dogpiling, Vick also faces a state trial April 2 on the same charges.

After Vick pays his debt to society, there could be a further NFL suspension. During that time, Vick could play professionally in Canada, where he would immediately be one of the best players in history. One can picture Vick running all over a wider and longer field.

After dominating in the CFL and finishing his suspension, he would once again attract the attention of NFL teams. But who would take him? His most logical destination would be Oakland. Owner Al Davis is always looking for an extra strong-armed quarterback. Plus, a quick scan of Raider home games will find many costumed fans that appear to be fascinated with death, and they would likely be the most accepting of Michael Vick.


College football’s Bowl Championship Series system makes me sick. I wouldn’t care if LSU’s losses this year were to New England and Dallas, there is no way a two-loss team in a 13-game season deserves the right to play for a national championship.

Just on that premise, I would rank undefeated Hawaii No. 1, Ohio State No. 2 and Kansas No. 3. But somehow last week LSU jumped all the way from 7th to 2nd in the BCS standings behind Ohio State.

It might be most important to note that the coordinator of the BCS just happens to be the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, where LSU comes from. It’s like the NBA lottery where everyone is assured everything is legitimate, yet no one is given any proof or visual evidence that it is. I refuse to accept the B(C)S at face value, and prefer to treat it as what it truly is, a money-making sham.


Never has the Heisman Trophy race appeared so wide open. Darren McFadden, Tim Tebow and Colt Brennan all have good arguments. Chase Daniel, Dennis Dixon and Central Florida’s Kevin Smith all deserve votes.

Saturday’s prediction: 1) Tebow 2) Brennan 3) McFadden.