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C’mon fans give the Senators more love

Darrell Moody

If you follow Carson High football, the last two weeks have been disappointing.

The Senators, who have won nine straight since opening the season with a loss to Idaho, have played before very small crowds in recent wins over Reno and Damonte Ranch.

Come on people, where’s the support? Yes, the Damonte game was played on what is a holiday for most people, but that’s no excuse. If you stayed in town, you should have been there, no excuses.

These kids represent not only the school, but the community, and they deserve your support.

A big crowd, whether it’s on the pro, college and high school level, can make a big difference in a game.


According to Carson athletic director Bob Bateman, the 4A coaches voted to play on Friday night unlike their counterparts in Vegas who moved their playoff games to Thursday night.

Heck, if you’re going to play on a holiday, why not just tee it up at 1 p.m.? I have two reasons for suggesting it, no make that three.

The first is that you will get a little warmer weather. The second is that for people who do have weekend plans, they could leave right after the game and not wait until the following morning. Lastly, and this is selfish, I could spend more time writing a story and interviewing the athletes.


The state semifinal, which is really the Northern 4A final this year, is scheduled for Nov. 26 at Mackay Stadium. Somebody asked me why the game wasn’t scheduled for Friday night. I can only assume because it costs a pretty penny to light up Mackay, and I’m sure the game won’t draw more than 3,000-4,000, if that. Besides, the state title game is scheduled for Dec. 3 at Damonte Ranch, and that will be played at noon. Playing at Mackay is nice for the players, but looking at a nearly empty stadium isn’t good. It’s too bad that Reno doesn’t have some sort of municipal stadium that seated 5,000-6,000.


This weekend was another example of why the 4A needs to fix its football playoffs. When you have 11 teams, 12 if Wooster is allowed back into 4A, eight teams shouldn’t make the playoffs. There are always teams with losing records getting in. This year it was Spanish Springs and Damonte Ranch, and both teams lost by wide margins in the first round on Friday.

Six is a much better number, which gives the top two teams first-round byes. It would also allow kids to start their winter sports on time. Heck, I’d be OK with four.


Speaking of winter sports, girls’ basketball coach Todd Ackerman and new boys basketball coach Carlos Mendeguia held tryouts on Saturday.

Mendeguia said that football standouts Dylan Sawyers, Brock Pradere and Austin Pacheco are expected to come out for the team. All three were members of Carson Middle’s championship eighth grade team. The addition of that trio certainly would make Carson much more athletic.

If Carson were to make the state semifinals, Mendeguia would go into the 4A opener against Reno on Nov. 29 with hardly any varsity players.

Doesn’t seem right does it? Another thing to change?