Completing the back swing |

Completing the back swing

Terry Gingell

A common technique flaw for many golfers is not completing the swing. An incomplete swing lacks rhythm and balance.

A lack of rhythm and balance will cause inconsistent ball striking and a loss of power. It is easy to feel that the swing is over at the moment the ball is struck, impact should be looked at as the middle of the swing. The finish position is an excellent reference point as it gives a clear indication to what has gone before, if the body and club are out of position at the finish you can be pretty sure they were out of position throughout.

Some reference points for the finish position: The body should be fully turned to face the target, the hips and shoulders are square to the target: The right knee has pushed alongside the left and the right heel is above the toe: The left leg has straightened due to the rotation of the hips: Very important!!! The head has rotated so that you are looking at the target, the head has also moved forward and is in line with the left foot. (Remember, the head does not stay down and still throughout the swing, it must be allowed to move where the body takes it).

This position is easily practiced at home with the use of a mirror, simply fold the arms across the shoulders, rotate back a little and rotate to the finish as described. After getting comfortable with this motion add the club. At the completion of the swing the upper arms should be in line with the shoulders and the club should be across the back of the neck also parallel to the shoulders.

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