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Darrell Moody: Carson boosters’ dinner slated

Darrell Moody

The Carson High Football Boosters Club is gearing up for its annual Senator Football Kickoff Dinner on Aug. 13.

The dinner is at 6:30 p.m. and hosted by Mo & Sluggo’s on Curry Street between Telegraph and Spear streets. The evening will include the recent Hall of Fame inductees, dinner, music, silent auction, raffle prizes and a 32-inch flat screen TV as the door prize.

Tickets for the event are available now and the cost is $25. Contact John Siembida at 691-6321 for tickets.


It’s too early to tell whether the Giants made the right move by acquiring Jeff Keppinger from the Astros. Keppinger can play second, short and third which is a good thing. The move could mean the Giants may release Miguel Tejada or that Freddy Sanchez isn’t coming back anytime soon. Personally, I would rather have seen the Giants go after a good catcher because the two guys the Giants have there now don’t pack a lot of offensive punch. Of course, you could probably say that about the bulk of the team this year.


I’ve always said that parents shouldn’t be allowed at youth sporting events, and an incident at a girls’ softball tournament at North Tahoe High proves my point.

A team from Las Vegas was playing, and the fans got irate at the umpiring crew during the course of the game. Gee what a surprise, imagine that. Apparently some fans and/or coaches threw the umpire’s belongings on the roof of the school. If I were in charge, those coaches would be banned for a year. It was a total classless act.


Boy do I miss Gene Upshaw. The popular Raider guard and former head of the NFL Players Association, passed away a couple of years ago. His spot was taken by DeMaurice Smith. I just think that if Upshaw had been here, the football lockout would have been taken care of quickly. Smith mouths off too much for my liking. He seems almost belligerent at times. There is no true winner in these type of things. It’s all about compromise. Both sides win, and I don’t have a problem with that. I want to see happy players and happy owners, and even more importantly, I want to see an entire NFL season played this year.


Can you believe Tiger Woods? Instead of firing Steve Williams, maybe he should have fired his crack PR staff. Oh wait a minute, that means Tiger would have to blame himself because he calls the shots when it comes to the media. Did Tiger give Williams any hush money before sending him off to caddy for Adam Scott? Reports have Tiger steamed at Williams, who caddied for Adam Scott the last couple of tournaments. What was Williams supposed to do, stay at home and twiddle his thumbs? It’s not the first time a caddie has worked a few tournaments for a different player, while his player took some time off. If Tiger wants to blame anybody for his fall from grace, he should just look in the mirror. His adultery opened the floodgates. Can Tiger recover from this? Who knows?