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Darrell Moody: James deserved finals MVP

When I’m driving around town, my radio is always tuned to ESPN.

The talking heads were discussing whether LeBron James should be the MVP of the NBA Finals even if the Cavaliers lost.

A day after the Warriors closed out the series against the Cavs, I asked a friend of mine during a round of golf who he thought the MVP should have been.

“Steph Curry,” he quickly replied.

“What about LeBron?,” I replied.

It was easy to tell he believed the MVP should always come from the winning team.

Essentially I told him that was old-school thinking. He then called me a rebel.

LeBron had a monster series. True he didn’t shoot a great percentage, but I’ve never seen a player will a team to win or stay in games like LeBron did with the Cavs.

I see nothing wrong with an MVP off a losing team. James had a monster series, and can you imagine without him averaging 40 a game? The series would have been over in four.

James in this instance was more valuable than Curry was to the Warriors. That’s because the Warriors had more pieces to play with, while the Cavs were severely hampered without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. That’s what makes James’ series more impressive because he had to single-handedly carry the Cavs on his back.

I’m not wild about Andre Iguodala for MVP. He had a nice series, but it was his horrible foul shooting that enabled the Cavs to rally and extend the Warriors in the fifth and sixth games. Time and again, Curry buried big shots in the last two wins.

Old schoolers think the MVP should come from the winning team.

I’m saying let’s think outside the box.


Speaking of Curry, he has yet to enter the 26th annual American Century Championship next month at Stateline.

Curry has played in the last two ACC events and is a real crowd favorite. Just think if Curry opts to play again. It could have an impact on the attendance.

Curry’s coach, Steve Kerr, is in the field. Would be fun to see those two paired up with somebody like Ray Allen, who according to reports, is playing 36 holes a day.

Curry tied for fourth in 2013 with 64 points, three behind Billy Joe Tolliver, and in 2014 tied with Lucas Black for 13th place with 53 points.

Both years Curry was a hit with media and fans alike. He was gracious with fans and cooperative with the media.


Speaking of the ACC, the course will look a bit different this year. Edgewood is renovating the seventh, eighth and ninth holes to make room for a new lakefront hotel that will be completed in 2017.

The ninth hole will be along the water and play 400 yards from the back tee. The wind will come into play a lot more now. The makeover on No. 8 was slight. The biggest difference was a shift in the fairway that took a tree out of play. The seventh is expected to be completed in 2016.


Dayton High School has decided to start an Athletic Hall of Fame.

The nomination form will be on the school website at http://www.dhs.lyon.k12.nv.us.

I can think of a few names right off the bat — Matt Bowman, Madison Foley and coach Craig Miller.

For more information, call Steve Henderson at 287-6465 (cell) or 246-6240 (school).