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Darrell Moody: Musings about Homecoming in the area

Darrell Moody

I was a tad disappointed by the crowd at Homecoming on Friday.

The absentees missed another dominating performance by the CHS offense in a 40-13 victory over Galena.

The students who did show up were awesome, but when you have 2,200 students enrolled wouldn’t you think at least 500 or 600 could take the time to show some school spirit?

I could understand if the football team was horrible, but Carson has had six titles in the last eight seasons under Blair Roman, and Abel Carter is one of the most exciting running backs in recent memory.

Carson is at Manogue this Friday and at Damonte Ranch the following Friday, and that game against Damonte Ranch is huge. Carson and Damonte are the two best Sierra League teams right now.

Did somebody say rooter buses?

Let’s support your team.


Since I’ve been on my proverbial high horse lately or so I’ve been told, I’m rather disappointed by something that happened involving Dayton High School.

This past week was Homecoming at Dayton High, and six senior members of the Dust Devil volleyball team opted to miss Thursday’s game at Fallon so they could attend Homecoming activities back in Dayton.

Are you kidding me?

According to Dayton officials, the match was supposed to be rescheduled to Tuesday, but either the request slipped through the cracks of the volleyball association or there weren’t enough officials to honor the request, forcing the game to go back to its original date.

It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry, if you sign up to play on a team, you show up at the appointed time unless you’re sick or injured, and even then you should show up and support your teammates. I know an athlete at Carson who competed in a track meet on the day of the prom at Carson. She went two hours away to compete in one event. Very impressive.

Essentially these six girls put themselves above the team, and that never should happen. I’ve been here 12 years, and I’ve never once heard of this happening.

I fault the kids, plain and simple. If you are on a team you have an obligation to show up. Athletes have to miss things all the time, and they know, or should know, that is going to happen.

It sounds like the administration tried to move the date, but if the bonfire is that important the school should schedule it on Monday when no athletic events are scheduled.


The soccer reorganization of the 3A and 2A leagues has worked out nicely for Dayton High.

The Dayton boys have yet to lose a match and the only blemish is a tie. The Dust Devils trail Fernley by two points, but face the Vaqueros twice in mid-October. The Dayton girls are also much more competitive.

Dayton volleyball has lost three times in league, but should finish in the top four and make the playoffs.

Football? Well the losing streak continues. The skid is now at 17, and I’m not sure there’s a team left on Dayton’s schedule it can beat. The Dust Devils have South Tahoe, Wooster and Fernley left.

I’d love to see the Dust Devils get the monkey off their back, but they are probably underdogs in their remaining games.