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Darrell Moody: NBA Finals will be must-see TV

Darrell Moody

Everybody seems to be ripping the NBA these days because of the lack of competition in the early rounds of the playoffs.

Quit whining people. Don’t blame the Cavs and Warriors because they went out and got the players they needed to be dominant.

People should be anticipating the NBA Finals with gusto. It’s going to be must-see TV.

The Warriors beat the Cavs two years ago, and that was to be expected because Kyree Irving and Kevin Love were injured. LeBron tried, but couldn’t do it all himself.

I’m an unabashed Warriors fan, and I firmly believe if Draymond Green hadn’t gotten stupid, the Warriors would have won it last year. He did, and that’s why the Cavs are the defending champs.

Last year, more than anything, convinced me Green is the catalyst of the Warriors team because he’s so valuable in so many areas of the game. You don’t find many 6-8 guys who can handle the ball, shoot the 3, AND defend in the block. He’s a freak.

There are times I’m yelling at the TV telling Green to shut up and just play instead of arguing a call. Draymond will never do that. He’s always going to be Draymond. I just hope this year he keeps his composure because you know the Cavs will try to bait him again.


Here we go again, continued foolishness by 4A softball and baseball coaches.

The 4A softball team was released earlier this week, and including honorable mention selections, more than 60 players were honored.

Are you kidding me? Hug didn’t have a squad, which meant 60-plus players from 11 schools. Do the math. That’s more than half of every starting lineup being honored.


The way it stands right now, it’s not an honor to make all-league, it’s a given, and that’s sad. High school sports seems to be going the way of AYSO and Little League baseball. It’s high school folks, and everybody doesn’t need to get a trophy.

I’m waiting to see the baseball list, and I’m sure their list also will include more than 60 names.

Come on coaches, start making the tough choices.

I also disagree with the fact that wrestling, track, swimming, tennis and golf are all recognized only by how you do at the region tournament.

That can really hurt the player who has a bad weekend and gets upset. Is that fair to him and her?

Of course not. All region teams should reflect the entire season not just one weekend.


It was nice to see the improvement the Carson High girls softball team made this season.

The team doubled its league wins, and played two solid games in the playoffs, losing 7-2 to Julia Jensen and the Reed Raiders, and losing to McQueen by a run in an elimination game.

The team had no seniors this year, so it’s reasonable to expect the team to win more than eight league games next year but to also win a playoff game or two.

The Senators need to improve their defense, especially in the infield. The team made around 90 errors this season, and beat themselves in a half-dozen games, according to coach Shane Quilling.