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Darrell Moody: NBA needs to go with officiating teams

Darrell Moody

I have watched the NBA playoffs for years, and other than Golden State Warriors games, it’s the only time I watch professional basketball.

Officials in the NBA are constantly under fire, and one thing that bothers me is the lack of continuity when it comes to calling the game.

In baseball, umpires work an entire playoff series in six-man crews. I think it’s a good way to do it. The NBA sees it differently, however. Each time you turn on a Warriors game you see three different officials working the game.

Why can’t the same three officials work an entire season? On the plus side, you can get a pretty good idea of what is going to be called or not called. I think it would be easier to keep a handle on things if the same officials are working each game. They can spot trouble issues between players throughout a five-, six- and seven-game series.


I’m sick of all the Russell Westbrook MVP talk. Isn’t it easier to rack up a ton of triple-doubles when you are the only one handling the ball and taking all the shots?

If you’re choosing between Westbrook and James Harden, I would go with Harden because the Rockets won more games. Harden moved to point guard in a new offense, and did a great job. He’s a better shooter than Westbrook, who was 4-for-18 in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Rockets. That’s ugly shooting. Westbrook was a great player on a sixth-place team.

You could still make a case for Steph Curry. The Warriors’ guard still had another great season despite the presence of Kevin Durant. Curry is still the most dangerous deep shooter in the game today as evidenced by his 37-point effort against the Blazers in the series-clinching game.

My choice, however, would still be LeBron James. Without James, the Cavs make the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference, but they wouldn’t get past the first round. He’s the best, most complete player in the NBA.


There’s a lot of talk about the Clippers’ Blake Griffin returning to Oklahoma and playing for the Thunder. Certainly it would give the Thunder a good inside-outside game, but can you trust Griffin to stay healthy for an entire season or not punch out somebody who works for the team? If I’m the Thunder, I look elsewhere.


Where will Paul George end up? The guy is a great player, but his actions during the recent sweep against the Cavs were uncalled for.

George, after an opening-game loss, said he had to have the last shot. Why? Does he not have confidence in his teammates. George wasn’t that great down the stretch in four pretty competitive games against Cleveland. He needs to be a better leader. Is he a cancer? I’m not sure I would go that far, but he certainly didn’t show much leadership.


Here’s hoping Steve Kerr gets back to the sidelines before the playoffs end. He has done a magnificent job, and obviously was a smart man in turning down the Knicks job when he did. With that being said, I think Kerr knew there could be issues after his surgery, and I think that’s why he went out and hired a veteran coach like Mike Brown in case he missed some time. It was a wise choice.