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Darrell Moody: We all want a playoff now

Darrell Moody

There is a movement going on aimed at taking down the BCS, and all I can say is it’s about time.

“We Want a Playoff Now” was introduced on Thursday on Capitol Hill. The group is headed up by the Moffett Group, a lobbying firm headed by former politico Toby Moffett and New Partners, a communications firm.

Congressmen from Texas and Tennessee also are getting involved, forming the Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus.

I had to laugh when BCS executive director Bill Hancock said that coaches and athletes prefer the bowl season to a post-season tournament. He said that decisions about college sports are best left to those in higher education.

What a crock.

The higher education folks just see the dollar signs with regards to the bowl games, and that’s it.

Has Hancock talked to Chris Petersen from Boise State recently? The Broncos got hosed by the bowls despite a No. 8 ranking. They deserved better than a game against Arizona State at the Las Vegas Bowl.

What Hancock and the rest of the idiots that run college football don’t understand is that a four-week football playoff would be more lucrative than March Madness. And, you could still have bowl games for teams not in the top 16.

Why is it that Division 1 college football is the only NCAA sport without a playoff system to determine the national champion?

It works for other divisions in football, and I think you would see better games. Some of the bowl games are real sloppy and there are some hideous match-ups.

I don’t want to hear about time out of class, either. Basketball is the worst offender to kids being out of class, and TV is one of the reasons for that. There are times when teams are playing 3-4 times in an eight-day period and teams are going coast-to-coast for games all to make a few more bucks and being on TV.

I remember the days in the Pac-8 before the Arizona schools came aboard when games were played on Fridays and Saturdays. Kids would only miss maybe a class on Thursday and all day Friday. The furthest trip was just a couple of hours by plane.

Heck, when the WAC had travel partners, Nevada would leave campus Wednesday morning and not get back until Sunday night. I remember Nick Fazekas saying he liked being on the road. That’s because Nick wasn’t wild about school, and I’m sure many of the players in college basketball today probably share his sentiments.

At least with football, teams aren’t leaving campus until Friday morning, so players aren’t missing a ton of class time.


After observing the Carson boys basketball team for three weeks, I’ve noticed a few things:

• The Senators don’t have anybody besides Matt Nolan that can bring the ball up the floor against pressure. I think that Dylan Sawyers might be able to handle some of that role once he gets more confident in his ball-handling skills.

• That Rafe King is the best catch-and-shoot guy the Senators have at the present time. He needs to be better at creating his own shot, however, because as teams get to know Carson he will get a lot more off-the-ball pressure.

• Sawyers is getting better the more he plays. The one thing I like is that he’s very unselfish and he brings a blue-collar mentality to the game. He usually gets the opposition’s best perimeter player.

• Chance Quilling is one of the top three athletes in the entire school, and he plays bigger than his size. He is willing to get his hands dirty and seems to relish the body contact underneath. He’s been the team’s best rebounder when he plays and is the team’s best inside defender.

• Nolan needs to be more selfish. He can shoot the ball, and if the other perimeter players don’t get more consistent, he’s going to have to look at shooting the ball more.

• Carson’s offense is work in progress. The Senators’ defense is better at this stage, but the offense better catch up quickly or it could turn into a really long year.