Dayton golfer bags three holes-in-one in 11 days |

Dayton golfer bags three holes-in-one in 11 days

Carter Eckl
Denise Johnson of Dayton bends down to retrive her ball out of the 12th hole at Hidden Valley Golf Course after netting her third hole-in-one in 11 days.

Denise Johnson of Dayton needed 11 days to do something most people will never accomplish in their lifetime – except Johnson did it three times.

On Aug. 15 and Aug. 25, Johnson stepped up to the tee box on hole No. 6 at the Dayton Valley Golf Course and needed just one swing to put the ball in the hole.

After her second hole-in-one she played at Hidden Valley the next day and teed off on the 12th hole only to see her ball once again find the bottom of the cup.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it happened two days in a row. I know it’s very rare,” Johnson said.

Johnson, who belongs to the Dayton Valley Women’s Golf Club, said her friends couldn’t believe it.

“We saw it track in the whole way. I was just in shock and the girls were screaming,” said Johnson.

Johnson says she has spent the last 27 or 28 years golfing and had only written a ‘1’ on her scorecard once prior to her hot streak.

“I mean it was just incredible,” said Johnson.

Not only was it an 11-day span she won’t soon forget, Johnson now has some household bragging rights as her husband, Dave, sits with three lifetime aces.

“That’s a pretty good feeling too. We’re a little competitive with each other,” said Johnson. “(I) haven’t done anything since then, but that’s OK because I have those three.”

Though Johnson admitted she would be fine if she never hit another hole-in-one, the sixth hole at Dayton Valley has quickly become her favorite hole on the course.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge, but it’s my favorite hole. I guess that’s my spot,” laughed Johnson.

Johnson used a nine iron to play the sixth at 119 yards on Aug. 15 before taking a seven iron from 125 yards on the 25th for her second hole-in-one. At Hidden Valley, Johnson’s ace came from 137 yards out with a six hybrid.