Dayton players take week 13 of Pro Picks contest |

Dayton players take week 13 of Pro Picks contest

Staff Reports

The Carson Station and Pinon Plaza winners for Week 13 of the Pro Picks contest are both from Dayton and took different routes to win first place and $250 each.

— Pinon Plaza winner Guy Wooley of Dayton had a perfect Sunday, winning all 13 games and he didn’t need the Monday tiebreaker to claim his winnings.

“I’ve been playing the contest every week since it started and never won a thing before,” said Wooley, 63, who was born in Chicago. “That is until this year. I’ve already won two seconds this season, but this is my first win ever. I have a very complicated system. I call it pick and pray. I’ll enjoy my winnings. So far, I’m having a good year picking and hope it continues.”

The 15-year Dayton resident works for Hodges Transportation in Silver Springs as a parts chaser.

“I’ve been with them four years,” added Wooley. “Before that I was a purchasing agent for Nevada Die Casting until they went out of business.”

It took 12 Sunday winners to get into the tiebreaker for second and third at the Plaza, and Dayton’s Elli Rousseau took second and won $150. Carson City’s Pat Shull was third and won $100. There were 1,272 entries at the Plaza.

— At the Carson Station it only took 11 Sunday winners to get into the tiebreaker. Dayton’s Roger Scheurn won it to claim his $250.

“I’ve been playing the contest three years and never won a thing before, not even a second or third.” said Scheurn, 31, who was born in Sacramento. “It’s cool, I can use the money for Christmas presents and maybe bet a bowl game or two.”

Scheurn is a plumber and he’s lived in Dayton for five years. He also has “a system” for his selections.

“I call it poke and hope,” he laughed. “It’s total luck and I got lucky this week.”

Second place at the Station and $150 was won by Carson City’s Earl Ferguson, and third place and $100 went to Carson’s Lois Beck. There were 1,377 entries at the Station.

— Free entry forms are published daily in the Nevada Appeal Sports section. Complete rules are published every Friday and Sunday. Winners can claim their winnings at the gift shop where they won after 10 a.m. today.