Don’t let bad swing dictate golf game |

Don’t let bad swing dictate golf game

Terry Gingell column

To improve your golf game you must practice what is correct. I am sure this statement sounds a little odd, after all, I have stated the obvious.

The fact is we oftem get into the rut of allowing a few bad shots dictate what and how we practice, thereby ruining the practice session.

Hitting bad shots is inherent to the game and no matter how good your swing is you will have them. The key is not to let yourself get preoccupied with these bad shots and to continue practicing the few true fundamental requirements of the golf swing.

Once we have hit a poor shot it is in the past and cannot be corrected. Many bad shots are the result of good or bad rhythm and balance and have little to do with good or bad swing positions. The bad shot often leads to an incorrect assessment of the swing. The result is trying to correct something that isn’t the problem in the first place.

Do not let your miss hits dictate how you practice. Practicing what is correct and repeating it often is the true key to more consistent golf.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf Courses and can be reached at 887-7174. Gingell is now taking signups for junior golf camps and junior sports camps.