Don’t tinker with date of Cal-Stanford game |

Don’t tinker with date of Cal-Stanford game

Darrell Moody

Growing up in the Bay Area, attending the Stanford-Cal football game was always the highlight of the football season.

It was a rabid rivalry, always well attended, and I never heard of any real problems in terms of the fans getting out of line.

The game has always been played in November, either the next-to-last or last game of the season, until this year. The game was played yesterday and Stanford slammed Cal in Berkeley, 21-3. It was tough to watch if you were a Cal fan.

What’s up with that? What idiot is making out the Pac-12 schedule these days? According to reports this isn’t a permanent thing, but it doesn’t make it right.

The week before the Pac-12 championship game should be USC-UCLA, Cal-Stanford, Oregon-Oregon State, Arizona-Arizona State and Washington-Washington State. No exceptions. Colorado and Utah? Who cares? Those two schools are just taking up space, and really don’t belong in the Pac-12. They were added so the Pac-12 could have a championship and get more revenue.


Carson added another loss to what has already been a disappointing season. The 21-14 defeat to Manogue was a tough one to swallow because you’d have a hard time convincing me the Miners were the better team and deserved to win, and those of you who know me would never accuse me of being a homer.

Carson, 4-4, committed way too many penalties, and a couple of them were by guys who need to start playing disciplined football.

The last penalty called on Carson? In my mind if the guy defending Matt Nolan wasn’t the guy that was picked off the flag should have stayed in the pocket of the official. Officials should never decide games, players should decide games. Where Garrett Schafer threw the ball no defender was going to touch it, and the game was headed to overtime.

Carson, if it gets by Douglas on Thursday, will get a fourth seed. The Tigers or the Senators would end up playing either Reed, Reno or Spanish Springs on the road.

Reed is 4-0 and faces Spanish Springs, 3-1, on Thursday. Reno is done at 4-1. There is a potential of a three-way tie for first in the High Desert if Spanish Springs tops Reed on Thursday. That would leave Reed, Reno and Spanish Springs at 4-1.


Nevada Day weekend is right around the corner, and I wonder every year why the Carson-Douglas football game isn’t played on Saturday right after the parade.

The game should be part of the community celebration. Granted the game is always well attended, but a Saturday afternoon game might drive the attendance up even more.


If you are a San Francisco Giants fan, you have to like their situation.

The Giants are down 3-2, but they have Ryan Vogelsong, Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner ready to go, and they are coming back home.