FRIDAY FODDER: York knows nothing about winning in the NFL |

FRIDAY FODDER: York knows nothing about winning in the NFL

Joe Santoro
For the Nevada Apeal

Sports fodder for a Friday morning … Does anybody outside the DeBartolo or York family tree actually believe Jed York will return the San Francisco 49ers to their glory years?

York is just a spoiled little rich kid who simply gets bored when he doesn’t get everything he wants. He got bored with coach Mike Singletary this week after just two full seasons and fired him.

York, who only runs the 49ers because his mommy’s brother is former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo, obviously knows nothing about football. Building a winning NFL organization takes patience, another subject little Jed knows nothing about. But that’s nothing new in the DeBartolo family. Uncle Eddie, another former rich kid, also didn’t know a thing about football or patience. He merely stumbled upon Bill Walsh in 1979 and lived off that stroke of luck for 20 years. Maybe Jed will get lucky this time, too, as he looks for another general manager and head coach. Don’t count on it.


The 49ers should do everything in their power to lure Mike Holmgren away from the Cleveland Browns. Holmgren would be perfect for the 49ers.

He could serve as team president (the role he currently has in Cleveland), general manager and head coach. He would return the glory years to the 49ers. Holmgren, who was born in San Francisco and cut his NFL coaching teeth under Bill Walsh with the 49ers, would win a Super Bowl with the 49ers. No question. The only question is whether little Jed would relinquish the keys to his favorite toy (the Niners). Don’t count on it.


The biggest sports moment of 2010 in Northern Nevada?

That’s an easy one. Wolf Pack 34, Boise State 31 on Nov. 26. It’s the biggest Wolf Pack moment, football or otherwise, in school history, let alone the last 12 months. The Wolf Pack football team also owns the second biggest sports moment in Northern Nevada in 2010. Wolf Pack 52, California 31 on Sept. 17.


Now that Jim Rice is in the Hall of Fame with his 382 career homers, 2,452 hits, .298 lifetime average and 1,451 RBI, you also have to give serious consideration to Harold Baines (2,866 hits, 384 homers, 1,628 RBI, .289 average), Dave Parker (2,712 hits, .290 average, 339 homers, 1,493 RBI), Larry Walker (2,160 hits, .313 average, 383 homers, 1,311 RBI), Edgar Martinez (2,247 hits, 309 homers, 1,261 RBI, .312 average), Juan Gonzalez (434 homers, 1,404 hits, .295 average), Fred McGriff (493 homers, 1,550 RBI, 2,490 hits, .284 average) and about two dozen other players down through history. Rice is in the Hall for one reason: He played for the Boston Red Sox and used to pound the New York Yankees.


Jeff Bagwell is eligible for the Hall of Fame this year for the first time. It might be a good idea for the voters to hold off voting for him for a while. Did Bagwell use performance enhancing drugs or didn’t he? Yes, he supposedly never failed a drug test. But we also know that a ton of guys who never failed a drug test actually did use performance enhancing drugs. Do you just penalize the guys who admitted cheating or got caught? Is that fair? Bagwell’s body certainly ballooned to lumberjack proportions in his career. And, like most PED users, he was constantly injured in his later years. His numbers (449 homers, 1,529 RBI, 2,314 hits) are good but he’s not a certain Hall of Famer even if he didn’t cheat. He wouldn’t get my Hall of Fame vote this year.


College basketball rosters have more turnover from one year to the next than a NBA D-League roster. The Wolf Pack men’s basketball team will only lose two seniors (Illiwa Baldwin, Adam Carp) off of this year’s team heading into the 2011-12 season.

But don’t be shocked if Baldwin and Carp are not the only players who leave the program before next year. Sophomores Keith Olson (who can’t seem to get healthy) and Marko Cukic and Patrick Nyeko (who can’t seem to get off the bench) might also decide to move on.

The Pack also has six freshman on this year’s team and some of them might decide that they’ll likely have a better future somewhere else. The next 10 weeks will be very interesting at Lawlor Events Center.