Glass receiving interest from NFL |

Glass receiving interest from NFL

Charles Whisnand column

Despite a frustrating season last year for Arizona State, Carson High graduate Paul Glass still thought that he would be playing in the NFL.

Now the 6-6, 336-pounder looks like he will receive the chance to make it in the NFL. Even though he has virtually no experience as an offensive lineman and has always played on the defensive side of the ball, Glass is being noticed by NFL teams as an offensive line prospect.

Pro teams are noticing the size and athletic ability of Glass, who could be signed as a free agent or event drafted by an NFL club in the later rounds of the NFL draft, which will be held April 20-21.

“I’m entering myself as an offensive lineman,” Glass said. “I’ve been working out as an offensive lineman.”

Glass has been impressive in two workouts for NFL teams. He has a vertical jump of 29 1/2 inches and can bench press 225 pounds 28 times.

It also helps that Glass has been working out with Levi Jones, a Sun Devil teammate, who’s expected to go in the first round as an offensive lineman.

“I’ve been working out with him and that’s how I got exposed,” Glass said. “He’s a good guy. He’s throwing my name around out there.”

The team that has shown the most interest has been the Arizona Cardinals, who have talked about signing Glass as a free agent.

“They’re the only team that’s really stepped up to the plate,” Glass said.

Glass said many other teams have shown interest, “but nothing really solid” has been offered.

Just because the Cardinals have shown the most interest doesn’t mean he’s going to sign with Arizona, Glass said. “I’m not going to jump on the first ship,” he said.

He’s also hoping that he will be drafted. “I want to be drafted,” he said. “I know if I do get drafted, it will be the late rounds.”

Glass said he wasn’t surprised to receive interest from the NFL. “I don’t know if it’s been too surprising,” he said.

“My college career wasn’t that good. But I knew I was a good athlete. I knew in some shape or form, I was going to make it to the NFL, at least I was hoping.”

Glass said if it looks like he will not have a legitimate shot of eventually making the NFL this year, he won’t keep pursuing the dream.

“I’ll probably just call it quits,” Glass said. “I really don’t want to keep chasing it.”

Two options that he won’t pursue, Glass said, are the Canadian Football League and Arena Football. But he said NFL Europe is an option.

With the interest he’s received, Glass has gone through the extensive psychological testing that NFL teams put their prospects through. “It’s just weird questions,” Glass said.

Glass said he was asked questions such as if there was a fire in a theater, how would he escape?

Last season, Glass expected to make more of an impact on the ASU defensive line, but was plagued by a back injury.

“It got real frustrating,” Glass said. “I had thought I was going to redshirt. I completely had turned off my engine.

“It just didn’t go well. I didn’t start like I wanted to. I played a lot, but not as much as I wanted to. But if I make the NFL, I’ve made my goals.”

Glass, a criminal justice and sociology major, is scheduled to earn his degree in the fall.

“If everything goes well, I won’t be getting it next fall,” Glass said. “I’ll definitely go back and get my degree. I’m not that far away.”

Charles Whisnand is the Nevada Appeal Sports Editor.