Greenwave cheer team takes first at Northern Nevada Invitational |

Greenwave cheer team takes first at Northern Nevada Invitational

Adam Robertson

Churchill County High School’s cheerleaders took first place at the 2018 Northern Nevada Cheer and Dance Invitational.

The Fallon team scored 203 out of 300 points in the competition. Head cheer coach Shanta Sponsler said the team had strong stunts and worked together as a team.

“The girls worked really hard,” she said. “We had stressful practices with illness and stress of getting everything done, but they powered through and finished strong.”

The coach noted a few technical difficulties plagued the team’s performance. She said the music failed to start and they had to stand still for two minutes while it was fixed; then the music cut out in the middle of the routine.

“They struggled to the end but never stopped,” Sponsler said. “It was hard to have great timing after the music cut but they powered on and finished with smiles.”

After the competition, she said the cheerleaders were sad about the problems with the music but felt much better once they saw the replay.

Sponsler said she and the other coaches are very proud of the team’s determination and ability. She said the cheer team is “a very strong group of young ladies.”