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Harvey continues his successful ride

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

Charles Whisnand

Aron Harvey doesn’t particularly want to do this interview. It’s not that he minds so much, it’s just that he’d understandably be somewhere else – Outdoors taking advantage of the early spring weather riding his motocross bike.

Ron Harvey, his father, said his son told him before being interviewed on Wednesday, “I don’t want to do an interview, I want to go riding.”

And after the interview is done that’s exactly what Aron does. The 16-year-old Carson High junior has continued to have plenty of success since he began motocross racing two years ago.

His racing prowess has grown as much as he has – When he began racing he stood all of five feet, but has since grown to be 5-10.

Last year was also an active one for Aron. He won three series in one year – a Triple Crown if you will – signed his first contract, earned enough points to turn pro if he chooses, but ended the year by breaking his leg. This year promises to be an even more active one for Aron.

Aron began the year by winning the junior 250cc title in the MX West spring series, which features riders from Northern California and Nevada. He moved up to the intermediate 250cc class for the MX West summer series and won that title as well.

He finished the year in December by winning the Nevada State Championship series title. In the 12-race series, Aron finished in the top four in all 12 races and won seven of the 12 events.

“I don’t know if that’s ever been done,” said Ron about winning the three series in one year.

Aron also signed his first contract with the national company, Thor, which provides racing gear for riders. Aron now receives all his gear at half price from Thor.

“They said that they would do more for him as he went along,” Ron said. “It was pretty exciting.”

But Aron also had his first major setback in December. He was invited to race in ArenaCross at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

Aron raced on Friday night, but there was a question on if he would come back to race on Saturday.

“The track was so bad that we were going to leave but Aron decided he would use it as a practice,” Ron said.

It was a decision that Aron would regret as he broke his leg without even crashing. “He said dad, ‘I think it’s broken,'” said Ron about what his son told him when the incident happened.

Ron said about 20 youth riders were hurt during the competition. “We’re not going to be racing there any more,” Ron said.

“I just overcleared the jump and landed wrong,” said Aron about what happened. “I was just mad. I didn’t want it to happen. it was only in a heat race, it wasn’t even the main.”

Due to the injury, Aron was unable to race in the Amateur Nationals in Texas. Aron does plan to race in a prestigious national event at Loretta Lynn’s complex in Tennessee later this year. He qualified for that event last year.

To prepare for the national racing, Aron will race in both 125cc and 250cc intermediate classes this year. In the intermediate division, Aron goes up against mostly riders in their 20s.

“That’s why we went with two bikes to get some more time,” Ron said. Each event has two motos that are 10-12 laps.

Since Aron will be racing in two classes, he will be riding in four motos in which he will race 40-50 laps.

Among the series that Aron plans to race is the Golden State Series, which features riders from all over California. While still plans to race MX West, he won’t compete in that series as much. “He’s already done everything he could do there,” Ron said.

Aron said his goal is to “try to get back up to speed where I was before I broke my leg.”

While Aron could turn pro, he said the plan is to wait until after he graduates from high school. “I don’t really think about it right now,” he said. “I need more time.”

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