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Harvey continues to ride to success

When Aron Harvey began competing in motocross racing, he was a 5 foot, 1 inch, 14-year-old going up against riders older than him.

So it figures that the bigger, older riders would try to intimidate them. It didn’t work.

Now that Harvey is a 5-9, 16-year-old, the older riders are still trying to intimidate them. They still haven’t learned.

“They’ve been saying things on the line, but it just makes him race harder,” said Aron’s father, Ron about the other riders. “He’s handled the pressure well.”

Aron, now a Carson High junior, has handled the pressure so well, he has yet to lose a series since he began competing.

The last year has included a Nevada State Motocross title last November in the 250cc junior class. He went on to win the junior MX West Spring Series title last spring, competing against riders from Northern Nevada and Northern California.

Based on his performance, Harvey moved up to the MX West intermediate class, which is one step below the professional level. He went on to win the MX West intermediate summer series title this past summer.

Along the way, Harvey won the 2003 U.S. Amateur National qualifier last spring at Honey Lake, Calif. Harvey qualified for the national event held at Loretta Lynn’s complex in Tennessee.

Harvey didn’t have the chance to compete in the nationals. “He just didn’t have the time at that time,” Ron said. Harvey hopes to compete in the nationals at Loretta Lynn’s complex in 2004.

Aron is back competing in the Nevada state series this fall where he’s leading the standings. The series will be coming to Carson City at the motocross track near Champion Speedway. Aron will compete in the races to be held Oct. 11 and 12 and 18 and 19.

“It’s been grinding for dad anyway,” Ron said. “Aron’s having a great time. He’s giving dad a heart attack.”

Aron’s on schedule to turn pro before his high school graduation by the end of 2004. “We figure he’s probably halfway there,” Ron said.

“That would be pretty cool,” said Aron about turning pro before he graduates from high school.

Aron said he has no expectations as far as how well he would do at the pro level.

“I’ll have to see when I get there,” he said. “I know I’ll have to step it up.”

When he began competition, Aron also didn’t know what to expect. “I wasn’t expecting it right away,” said Aron about his success.

In his first race, Aron sustained a concussion. But since them, Aron has gone relatively injury-free.

“I’ve had a lot of crashes since then,” he said. “I’m learning how to crash and not get hurt.”

Even when he crashes, that normally doesn’t stop Aron from finishing the race.

“Aron never quits,” Ron said. “If he falls he gets back up and goes.”

Over time, Aron said he’s learned “just how to ride smooth and just faster and faster and adjust to every different kind of terrain.”

Even though he’s handle the pressure, Aron admits, “I’m nervous every race and before every moto.”

Companies are now beginning to show interest in sponsoring Aron.

“He’s already got a lot of companies that want his resume,” Ron said. Ron said the companies are also asking for weekly reports on Aron.

The pontential sponsorships should obviously help remove a heavy burden for the Harveys.

“When you’re racing that many races, it’s a lot of money,” Ron said.

The support he has received from those such as Don Langston, who allows local riders to practice on his property, has been valuable, Aron said. Aron practices there with pro racer Steve Marty and fellow teenage riders Chris Sumner, Brian Bodden and Clint Pheasant.

Aron also received valuable support from his grandfather, Ken, who bought him a new motorcycle.

Charles Whisnand is the Nevada Appeal Sports Editor.