How to reduce the slice |

How to reduce the slice

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The slice, a shot that starts straight or left of the target and curves viciously to the right is the most common malady of the average golfer.

The correction starts with a correct diagnosis of the cause. The slice is caused by the clubface being open (turned to the right) to the path of the swing through impact. Some golfers have the face fairly square through the ball but have the club on an outside to in swing path. Most golfers have a combination of the face being open and the club swinging from the outside.

Many times we are told of a quick, one-step cure. This is romantic and rarely the case. If the slice was this easy to cure everyone would be scoring in the low seventies while trying to avoid the pigs flying around with their 300-yard drives. The fact is that there are several reasons for an open clubface and an outside to in swing path. I don’t think I have ever given a lesson to a person who slices the ball that is standing to the ball correctly, gripping the club well and has good ball position.

Therefore, as mundane as it sounds, you must start the path to straight shots by standing to the ball and gripping the club correctly.

The first step is to check your aim. Do not overlook this because you think you are aiming well. Pick your target and place a club across the toe line. Place another club across the ball line to get a clear image of where you are actually aiming. Many golfers including the experienced ones are often surprised.

Next, place another club at a right-angle to check the ball

position. The ball must be slightly forward of center for a full shot. Too far forward or back can lead to a slice.

Use this simple drill on the driving range. Hitting the ball from the correct address position helps to eliminate the need for compensation and puts you on the road to eliminating the slice. A good thing to understand is reducing the amount you slice will help your game considerably. You do not have to start hooking the ball.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf and can be reached at 887-7174.