Hunter report card due by Monday |

Hunter report card due by Monday

Don Quilici

This is a final reminder that if you received a Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) big game hunting tag during the 1999 hunting year, you must send in your “hunter report card,” before 5 p.m. on Monday.

That questionnaire card comes attached to each big game tag and you must return it, regardless of whether or not you were successful during your particular hunt.

If you don’t send it in, you WILL NOT be eligible to apply for all Nevada big game hunts for a period of one year.

Mail your card to: Fallon Hunt Application Office, P.O. Box 1345, Fallon, 89407-1345.

Or you can fax it to that office at (775) 423-0799.

For information, call the Hunt Application Office in Fallon at (800) 576-1020, during regular business hours.