Initiate the downswing |

Initiate the downswing

Terry Gingell

From the back swing position we can initiate the downswing correctly and easily. A correct start to the downswing gets the club on the correct path as it approaches the ball helping to eliminate the problems caused by the club approaching the ball too far outside or too far inside the desired swing plane. This correct path is the key to straight golf shots.

The first foot of the downswing is critical. The hips initiate the forward swing with a subtle lateral and rotary movement. This movement begins the transferring of weight to the front foot. As the hips have turned back to the position they held at the start of the swing the arms have swung down about a foot.

The hands remain in front of the right shoulder and the shoulders have turned little. There should be a slight feeling of squatting and both knees should be flexed. A 90-degree angle between the left arm and the club is maintained and the shaft of the club should be parallel to the angle the shaft formed at the start position. The butt end of the grip is now pointing a little outside the ball-target line.

Practice by swinging the arms down a foot or so and at the same time feel the hips initiating the body movement. Do this slowly using a mirror. This drill will train you to initiate the downswing correctly, a major component of a consistent golf swing.

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