Kids Ninja Warrior dojo opening in Carson City |

Kids Ninja Warrior dojo opening in Carson City

Carter Eckl

Several years ago Chris Hadlock opened a business that was a combination of mixed martial arts and kids ninja warrior.

It didn’t take long for Hadlock to realize the obstacles of his Kids Ninja Warrior course drew a lot more interest from his younger clientele.

Now Hadlock – or, as he’s known around his new business, Sensei Chris – is on the verge of opening a new business dedicated to the obstacles of Kids Ninja Warrior in Carson City.

Located at 900 Mallory Way, Hadlock already has his main attractions ready for the official opening toward the end of October.

In the meantime, Kids Ninja Warrior has been under a soft opening as the “Ninja Dojo” gets brought together.

After entering the main lobby, an opening to the right leads to a large room filled with obstacles ranging from the warped wall to the jumping bars and quite a few in between.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Hadlock.

Hadlock’s first priority with the obstacles is safety and making sure those actively participating are aware of the correct way to approach each obstacle without getting injured.

“It’s instructional, but it’s not a playground either,” said Hadlock. “You can get hurt on obstacles so kids have an intro, … there’s places to be and there are places not to be. You’ve got to know all that and be able to do it on your own.”

The course is based around many of the obstacles seen on national television as part of the American Ninja Warrior competitions, which started in 2009.

Hadlock also has the ability to take his business on the go as he owns a number of obstacles he can bring to parties and events located away from his main operation.

“We can take it to your house and make it several different sizes,” said Hadlock of the mobile course. “We do a lot of schools, fundraisers and non-profit stuff as well.”

As of now the mobile operation is on a limited run out of the Carson City location, but is offered in its entirety out of Sacramento.

Kids Ninja Warrior isn’t only open in Carson City as the company also has home rental availability in the eastern Sacramento area as well as Northern Nevada. A location in Reno and Sparks is expected to be coming soon, according to the KNW website.

Pricing for Kids Ninja Warrior will vary based on the level of involvement in the course.

Hadlock added there will be a membership available to those interested called “the ultimate ninja warrior package,” which will run around $150 per month. The package includes two classes and seven days a week access to the open course along with discounts toward a future party.

Drop-ins will be available at $50 to $60 per week.

Open course will run seven days a week once Kids Ninja Warrior officially opens, but the course is currently on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the meantime.

Classes will run from two to four days a week depending on demand.

Getting the idea

Hadlock, who said he’s been doing ninja warrior for the last seven or eight years, got his start working with David Campbell, who is known as “The Godfather” of America Ninja Warrior.

Campbell introduced Hadlock to the original course, which was in Campbell’s backyard. From there, Hadlock was hooked.

With his background in martial arts, Hadlock enjoyed working with kids the most because of their desire to learn.

Hadlock’s first kids ninja warrior set was built by his own hands in Shingle Springs, California where he realized how much his students wanted to complete the course.

“They’ll listen, they’ll pay attention. … Kids are teachable and they want to learn. When you can spark that in them, it’s just amazing,” said Hadlock.

Saturday, Sept. 28, Kids Ninja Warrior will be hosting a free ninja games for ages 6 through 16.

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