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Learning how to hook

Terry Gingell

Just lately I have had several students of the mid to low handicap range, anywhere from 7 to 12 handicaps, who are frustrated because they have not improved their games for a long time.

These students have some similar tendencies. They slice and scoop their shots resulting in a loss of distance and accuracy. The interesting fact is that these golfers have good technique but simply have the tendency to slice and scope the ball.

In the case of these advanced golfers the technique flaws that create these tendencies are subtle and should be treated that way. These golfers do not need to make sweeping technique changes. They must simply learn the skill of hooking the ball.

A genuine hook is a shot that starts to the right of the target and curves to the left. To develop this skill pick a target, aim to the right and see that the ball starts to the right of the target and curves back to the left. You may ask how to do this.

The answer is that you are an advanced player and must use your skill. As you develop this skill you will find that your normal shots are improved due to developing this approach through impact. As you develop the hook shot the club will now approach the ball from a more inside path resulting in the desired ball flight.

Terry Gingell is Eagle Valley Golf’s director of instruction and can be reached at 887-7174.