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Letter: negative talk

by D. Bartone

To the editor:

Have any of the Douglas county residence noticed how much negative talk is constantly on the minds of Douglas High School football and other athletic students’ parents?

It recently came about in conversation with numerous different parents that I have spoken with. I don’t understand why these parents won’t stand united and try to change things.

I look at it like this: We have pee wees in Pop Warner all the way up that have winning seasons, year after year, and we have J.V. teams that are undefeated, or top contenders. Then they get to varsity, and for some unknown reason we can’t beat the same teams that we beat numerous times in the past.

I find it hard to believe that we just don’t have the talent, when these kids play spectacular football all these years prior to varsity. My personal feelings to the entire coaching staff at Douglas is irrelevant. I am not a coach, but I would be willing to bet that those boys are as talented as the next, if not more.

They have no motivational speeches before, during or after a game that I have ever seen or heard. We have a closed door policy to gentlemen with professional football backgrounds, who would love to help out and offer their services. Why is that – is this the good ol’ boy system?

I think we need to stand united, something Douglas players don’t even get encouraged to do. After 15 years as a head coach, one needs to look in the mirror and say, “I wonder if it is us.”

We have very limited numbers of football scholarships coming out of Douglas, or am I mistaken? It’s time for a good hard look at what the real problem is and realize it’s not our children. Let’s look at the facts and try to do what is right for the children and young athletes going through DHS and start making changes.

It’s time for one of the most prestigious school districts in Northern Nevada to be a top contender and go to state. I’m looking forward to the parents who know who I am and have nothing but negative comments to this letter, but I would love some of your parents who talk to me and my wife and complain to stand united.

I’m looking forward to all responses.

Doug Bartone

A Very Disappointed Douglas Fan