Little League teams set for district play |

Little League teams set for district play

The road to Williamsport, Pa., is beginning for 11-12-year-olds across the country who dream about playing in the Little League World Series.

Locally, that road is about to begin with the district tournament that will begin on July 9 in Northwest Reno near McQueen High. District tournaments will also begin on Saturday for 10-11 and 9-10-year-olds. Those two tournaments will be held at Aspen Park in Gardnerville’s Ranchos.

In the tournaments, teams will play four games in their pools for the right to advance to the single elimination quarterfinals. Here’s a look at Carson’s all-star teams who will be playing in the district tournaments:


Manager Chris Petersen said his team will depend on pitching and defense and should be able to manufacture runs with a little power mixed in.

“We have a couple of kinds who hit the ball out,” he said. “We’ve got some pretty good pitchers. We need to play stellar defense.”

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Carson National drew Truckee, Reno American East, Reno National and Sparks National in its pool.

The team has two returners from last year’s 11-12 all-star team in Daniel Okimura, who will see action in centerfield and shortstop, and Rory Petersen, who will see action at third base, shortstop and centerfield.

There are also two 11-year-olds on the team who have helped the Rockies win the city 11-12 championship the past two years: Gehrig Tucker, a second baseman and pitcher, and T.J. Thomsen, a shortstop and pitcher.

Rounding out the roster are Charlie Banfield, third base, outfield, pitcher; Hunter Hand, catcher-pitcher; Kyle Grown, pitcher-first base; Alex Holcolm, first base-pitcher; Zach Hudson, first base-outfield; Matt Nolan, outfield; Jake McClelland, third base-outfield; and Logan Krupp, catcher-outfield. Joe Tucker is the assistant coach.


Eleven of Carson American’s 12 players have some kind of all-star experience. But Carson American also has a tough draw with two traditional powers in Washoe and Reno American West. South Tahoe and Sparks Centennial are also in the team’s pool.

“I’m really encouraged with the kids we have,” manager Richard Yamamoto said. “We have the experience going. I think we have a great shot at being very competitive in the tournament.”

On the roster are David Yamamoto, first base; 11-year-old Zak Hajes, catcher; Nate Stephens, centerfield-second base; Jordan Luhrs, second base-outfield; Casey Wolfe, pitcher-outfield; Bruce McIntosh, pitcher-outfield; Cody Reno, infield-pitcher; Cole McCarthy, outfield-pitcher; Jason Rush, first base-outfield; Joseph Zinda, shortstop; Sean Robles, outfield; Stephen Anderson, catcher-outfield. Craig Stephens is the assistant coach.


The team will open at 11 a.m. Saturday against Reno American East. The team also drew Truckee, Sparks Centennial and Reno Continental in its pool.

“It’s a great group of kids,” manager Jim Andrews said. “They’re just good, scrappy baseball players. They’re all good kids.

It’s a great squad this year, really good, good heart. It’s a great group of kids that’s going to be something to see in a couple of years for sure when they grow up.”

On the roster are 9-year-old Shane Andrews, catcher; Caden Lehman, pitcher-second base; Josiah Pongasi, shortstop-pitcher; Brandon Allen, pitcher-first base; Eugene Mills, pitcher-utility; 9-year-old Connor Pradere, centerfield, infield; K.C. Meyer, first base; 99-year-old Matt McCarthy, shortstop-outfield; Noah Teixeira, third base-outifled; Avery Whitt, third base-outfield; Justin Whitehead, outfield-catcher; Chea Zevnick, infield-outfield. Assistant coaches are Greg Lehman and Kurt Meyer.


Carson National willopen at 1:30 p.m. Saturday against Reno American West. Also in the team’s pool is Sparks National, Reno National and Carson Valley.

“I feel we have a real strong team,” manager Barry Lawless said. “I feel we can go far in the tournament.

“We’ve got good pitching, good fielding, good hitting. We just look good all the way around.”

On the roster are Kyle Steele, pitcher-catcher; Hunter Wilfert, pitcher-catcher; Nolan Shine, infield; Jake Jones, outfield; Nathan Carter, infield; Cory Reid, outfield; P.J. White, infield-outfield; Ryan Pope, infield-outfield; John Holton, shortstop; Chance Banta, centerfield; Oscar Rodriguez, first base; Asa Carter, infield-outfield.


Carson American will open at 4 p.m. Saturday against Truckee. Also in the team’s pool are Washoe, North Tahoe and North Valleys.

“We;’ve got really good talent,” manager Rod Schilling said. “They’ll do fine. I think we’ll be strong. There’s some good hitters, some good all-around players.”

On the roster are Benjamin Allbritten, first base-catcher-pitcher; Zachary Andrew, infield; John Artz, infield; Andy Cooper, first base, pitcher, outfield; Derek Encinas, outfield-pitcher; Danny Guthrie, outfield; Zachary Heinz, outfield-pitcher-infield; Nicholas Lani, outfield-catcher; Ronnie Orzalli, third base-pitcher-catcher; C.J. Woons, outfield-third; Jace Zampirro, shortstop-pitcher-outfield; Chazz Nystrom, third-short-P-C


On the roster are Arnaldo Lamas, Jason Reynolds, Jacob Roll, Jay Milligan, Nate Cotroneo, Micahel Patrick, Nevil Elliott, Alex Borgman, Evan Carlson, Tristian Bakkedahl, Dalton Butler; Travis Summers.