Luschars shine in Senior Rodeo |

Luschars shine in Senior Rodeo

She used to water ski, but decided to give up that activity. But don’t think that was because Judy Luschar decided to take it easy as she became older.

The 41-year-old Luschar is about to become one of two world champions in the Luschar family this week on the National Senior Pro Rodeo Circuit for competitors 40 years old and older. Participants mainly from across the United States and Canada compete on the circuit.

Luschar and her husband, Steve Luschar, 45, who live just south of Carson City, are two-thirds of the Luschar family who compete in senior pro rodeo.

Steve’s sister, Dayton’s Susie Luschar, also competes. Judy has a virtually insurmountable lead in the ladies breakaway roping event while Susie also has virtually an insurmountable lead in the all-around in the women’s 40-50 division.

Judy and Susie will look to lock up their titles this week when the Senior National Rodeo Finals are held in Winnemucca. The event begins on Sunday and runs through Nov. 6.

Susie leads the all-around with an adjusted point total of 3,307 points, well ahead of second place Ann Bassett of Arizona, who had 2,359 points. Judy is in fifth with 1,478 points.

Judy leads the breakaway roping with 1,361 points, well ahead of Karen Duncan of Redmond, Ore., who has 969 points. Susie is in fifth with 818.

In ribbon roping, a version of team roping in which a man and woman compete together, as the runners, Judy is in second with 1,389 and Susie is right behind her in third with 1,385. Susie is also in second in barrel racing with 1,734 points.

Despite being plagued by a groin injury for much of the year, Steve is still fifth as the roper in ribbon roping with 727 points and ninth in calf roping with 461 points.

“That’s what they tell me,” said Judy about having the breakaway title wrapped up. “I won’t believe it until I see it. I think I got it wrapped up.”

Her fastest time in the event in which a calf is roped and then allowed to breakaway is 2.3 seconds. Judy has also competed in team roping and Steve said his wife could hold her own in calf roping in which the rider has to come down to tie down the calf. “She can tie down like a man,” he said.

Steve, who competed in calf roping in his 20s, appreciates the chance to compete on the senior circuit.

“You can’t compete with 25-year-olds any more,” Steve said. “It’s really fun to have an even playing field to compete on.

“I really enjoy it. It’s areally good for the whole family. It takes a lot of practice and concentration.”

Judy has been able to excel with her horse, “Mole,” but admitted much of a competitor’s success depends on the calf that’s drawn. Judy has succeeded quickly on the circuit in just her second hear.

But she has a secret. “I grew up around horses and cattle,” she said. “I know growing up and riding definitely helped.”

Hard work has also paid off for Judy. “We’re just out here every day,” she said. Judy also admitted she piles up as many points as possible by “going to all the rodeos,” she said. “You’ve got to go.”

Judy and Steve have been married for three years as they got married on the Saturday before 9/11. They have two daughters, Kailee, 2, and Kedre, 1.

Despite having her season interupted by the birth of Kedre last year, Judy was still able to finish in third in breakaway last season. “That wasn’t too bad after having time off,” she said.

Steve said his season has been “all right. I was out part of the year. I’m looking forward to next year to try to stay healthy.”