More on how to reduce the slice |

More on how to reduce the slice

Terry Gingell column

As discussed in the last column the causes of a slice are the clubface open to the path of the swing at impact andor the club approaching the ball from outside the correct path.

Most golfers are standing to the ball incorrectly leading to these swing flaws. Unfortunately correcting the stance as outlined last week is not the complete correction. The correct stance is

vital in positioning the body to allow for a body motion and use of the hands and arms. The next step in the correction of the slice is to square the clubface through impact. If the clubface is square to the target line at impact an outside to in swing path will create a slice but not a vicious one.

To get a clear visual of a square face we must first understand the role of the wrists. The wrists do not turn in the swing. If they did we would have to turn them on the back swing and then match the exact amount of turn on the forward swing. This is clearly not repeatable on a consistent basis. The wrists must hinge in the swing. This hinging is naturally achieved due to

the length of the swing and the weight of the club head. At this stage we must do nothing with the wrists but allow them to respond to the momentum of the swing.

A great drill to train you to square the face through impact is to hit short shots with a pitching wedge. Simply adopt the address position and make a half swing swinging to waist high back and through. Use the finish as a reference point. When the club is level with the ground the body should be facing the target, the hands should be at belt high and the toe of the club points up. The club has turned in response to the turning of the body.

Practice this drill on the range and you will train yourself to maintain a square face through the ball.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf Club and can be reached at 887-7174.