Most talented class ever? 5 Carson High athletes sign to play at Division I schools |

Most talented class ever? 5 Carson High athletes sign to play at Division I schools

Carson High girls sign five Div. I offers in four sports on National Signing Day

By Carter Eckl

National Signing Day brought on some history for the 2020 Carson High senior class as five female athletes – across four different sports – signed Letters of Intent, to play at the Division I level next year.

As far back as any administrator could remember the Senators have never had such a senior class with the amount of talent, let alone a class with the wide-ranging spectrum of athleticism.

For all five to be female athletes was a revelation among even the signees.

“It’s pretty badass,” said Senator volleyball player Cami Larkin, who is committed to George Mason for volleyball.

“I feel like men’s sports are always the highlight,” said Amaya Mendeguia, who will head to Rhode Island next year for softball. “I feel like having a whole bunch of girls go D-I is really cool.”

Along with Larkin and Mendeguia, Carson High will also see Kedre Luschar head to Oregon to play softball; Madison Rabideau will be going to Louisiana Tech for soccer and Karen Beglin will fly to New York where she will join the St. John’s women’s golf team.

“Hopefully, it’s a little inspirational for other kids,” said Carson High athletic director Blair Roman.  “It is possible. It can happen. If you’ve got some talent and are willing to work at it.”

Editor’s note: With immense feats of athletic accomplish, the Nevada Appeal plans to feature all five athletes and the stories on their commitments. Over the next week, we will have a series of stories on the commitments of all five Senator athletes. Our first story is on Kedre Luschar and Amaya Mendeguia. Next week will feature stories on Rabideau and Beglin. You can find Larkin’s commitment story here, or in the Sept. 30 print edition of the Appeal.

Luschar, Mendeguia join ranks of Senator softballers to play Div. I

Though having five female athletes with Div. I-level talent in one class was unheard of at Carson High, seeing Senator softball players advance to the next level isn’t.

The next two to join the collegiate ranks after playing in Carson City will be headed to different ends of the country.

Luschar’s commitment to Oregon had been a verbal agreement for a while, but to finally have the decision solidified was weightlifting for the outgoing senior.

“I always knew that Oregon was the place for me, I didn’t want to change,” said Luschar. “Now that it’s official, it’s even better.”

Kedre won’t be the only Luschar competing in the PAC-12 as her older sister, Kailee, is a freshman infielder with Arizona State.

Over her first two seasons with Carson High softball, Luschar caught national attention while hitting .473 at the plate and driving in 86 RBIs behind 23 extra-base hits and eight homers.

Her speed on the base path can’t be forgotten about either, tallying 30 steals in that time.

“When I was a freshman I had an unofficial from Washington,” said Luschar. “So I thought, well if I can get noticed by them, I can keep growing and getting better.”

Both seniors have played alongside plenty of other talent, as Carson High has also sent softball athletes to the University of Nevada, ASU and other programs across the country in the past few years.

 “When you’re playing with a whole bunch of girls that are going D-I, it helps push each other to do better,” Mendeguia said.

The two seniors have been playing on-and-off on the same teams since they were both seven years old.

In the 2019 season, both were named first-team all region players and both were awarded postseason honors after their respective freshman campaigns.

Mendeguia isn’t unfamiliar with high-end collegiate athletics either.

“My dad went to Div. I, my cousin, … a lot of people in my family,” said Mendeguia. “I get to continue doing the sport I love while getting a good degree at a good school.”

In her first two years with the Senators, the future Ram hit for a .403 batting average with 14 doubles, three homers and 53 RBIs.

Her positivity, work ethic, and of course ability at the plate, has been the main driver behind her softball success.

With heaps of athletic talent in her family, Mendeguia realized at a young age she had an athletic knack.

Both Mendeguia and Luschar have had to rely on work off the diamond thanks to the pandemic ending their junior season after three games, while their senior season still remains in the balance. 

Mendeguia says her plan is to major in kinesiology before heading to physical therapy school. Luschar said she is still undecided on her major.

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