Nevada receives 91 Utah antelope |

Nevada receives 91 Utah antelope

Don Quilici

According to a recent press release from the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW), a total of 91 Utah pronghorn antelope were released at two sites in the State of Nevada.

A total of 49 were released in Lone Valley in Nye County, northwest of Tonopah.

The other 42 found new homes in Churchill Canyon, north of Mason Valley in Lyon County.

More than 60 Utah Division of Wildlife Resources personnel and volunteers participated in the capture of the antelope. They were taken at Parker Mountain near the town of Torrey. A helicopter was used to drive the animals into a corral where they were quickly handled and loaded into waiting trailers. All of the antelope were fitted with ear tags for future identification and study purposes.

In addition to those two new releases, NDOW is anticipating receiving about 50 antelope for a February release at the North Eccles Ranch near Contact in Elko County. Those animals are being provided by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

For information, call the Nevada Division of Wildlife at 688-1500.