NFL’s overtime should be similar to college |

NFL’s overtime should be similar to college

Darrell Moody

I applaud the NFL for trying to take a step to make its overtime policy better. Trust me when I say this though, the sooner the NFL adopts the college overtime rules the better.

Both teams should always get a chance to handle the ball in overtime. It’s only fair.

Personally, I’d love to see the college teams pushed back to the 40-yard line, and I think midfield would be a good starting point for the pros. Or better yet, just play one whole overtime period.

I know the concern of the NFL is that the longer the game goes on the bigger chance there is for a potential serious injury because players are fatigued. All I can say to the NFL is that they should use their reserves more.

You should be able to count on any player at any time, but we all know that doesn’t happen because reserves get so few reps during the course of the week. NFL teams suit up 53 players every week. That should be more than enough to get through an overtime game.


I’ve lost a lot of respect for 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. The talented middle linebacker tweeted that the 49ers shouldn’t have signed David Carr to back up Alex Smith. Willis said the team should have gone after Michael Vick instead.

“We have three quarterbacks that are better than [Carr],” Willis tweeted. “That’s a waste of time.”

Did Willis ever see a pro game before he came to the NFL? Vick is a great athlete and runner, but a horrible passer. Thus far, Vick’s completed only 53 percent of his passes which isn’t an impressive number.

Carr has completed 59 percent of his career passes. Playing for an expansion team like the Houston Texans was no picnic. Carr spent more time on his back than being upright.

Willis needs to take lessons on how to be a good teammate.


It appears that the Dayton Valley Golf & Country Club will be sold to former Wolf Pack golf coach Tom Duncan Sr., who currently owns Wolf Run in Reno and The Links at Kiley Ranch in Sparks.

Sources say that Duncan’s offer has been accepted, but he could back out up until the first weekend in April.

Phone messages to Duncan to confirm or deny the purchase have not been returned.


According to Associated Press reports out of Florida, Gators coach Urban Meyer met with and apologized to the Orlando Sentinel’s Jeremy Fowler.

Meyer was threatening to ban Fowler from practice for publishing a comment from wide receiver Deonte Thompson calling new Florida QB John Brantley a “real quarterback”. Thompson said he meant to say that Brantley was a more conventional quarterback than Tim Tebow. According to reports, friends and teammates felt that comment was a rip on Tebow.

Meyer unleashed on Fowler after a recent practice, a tirade which came in front of other reporters and fans alike.

One thing I’d like to see is colleges give a seminar on how to speak with the media. Heck, those guys are on campus probably 11 months out of the year, so they certainly have the time. It amazes me how horrible athletes are in a press conference setting. It’s a wonder some of them ever got out of high school.