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ON BOXING: Pacquiao-Mosley fight should be exciting

Victor Bruno
For the Nevada Appeal

Manny Pacquiao, 32, with a record of 52-3-2 with 38 KOs, takes on veteran Shane Mosley, 39, 46-6 with 39 KOs tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Is this a fight to get excited about?

I think so, although Pacquiao is the favorite, Mosley is not one to be underestimated and I’m sure Manny is taking him very serious.

Mosley’s last bout was last September which ended in a draw against Jose Mora. Pacquiao and Mosley both fought and destroyed Antonio Margarito.

Does Mosley have a chance against Pacquiao? Yes, he does. Will it turn out to be a great fight?

Let’s hope it does.

Pro boxing doesn’t need any more sleepers.

It’s note worthy to say Manny Pacquiao has been recently quoted as saying “Boxing is not the biggest fight of his life, it’s ending poverty in his country.”

He said he has been fighting since he was a young boy just to feed his family. Tonight he will be boxing with yellow gloves as a symbol of unity and poverty.

If Manny should be victorious, what’s next?

There’s talk of another Marquez fight and don’t forget 140-pounder Marcos Maidana (30-1 and 27 KOs) from Argentina, a tough young up and coming boxer.

It made me feel good to hear that some people inquire why I hadn’t written any commentary on the Brinkley-Quillen bout last Friday.

Let’s just say it’s hard to write when you are speechless. The night just started out wrong with Andrew Rempp 1-2-1, taking a beating from Jose Sandoval, a promising boxer from San Francisco in his pro debut. The fight was stopped in the fourth round by referee Joe Cortez, but should have been stopped sooner.

Then came Jose (Chuey) Elizondo from Carson City, making his pro debut against Rodrigo Espinoza, from Lindsey, Calif. This fight was another one-sided slaughter as Elizondo his Espinoza at will throughout the fight, but couldn’t finish him. Chuey spent his entire amateur career at Bruno’s Boxing Club and has more than 80 amateur bouts in which I was his coach. He was expected to win and he did. He did a great job. I truly believe he will be the biggest name in Northern Nevada boxing soon.

Then came Lonnie Smith (12-2-2 with nine KOs of Las Vegas) against David Rodela (15-3-3 6 KOs from Oxnard, Calif.) at 130 pounds. It was good, exciting fight with Smith winning. The only problem was Smith rudely spit all over the ring, spit on the people at ringside, blew his nose and spit on his opponent. Joe Cortez, the referee, was content to let it continue, I found it disgusting, nice way to build a fan base Lonnie.

Then came Brinkley and Peter Quillen. Jesse Brinkley got hurt bad in the first round as he gave up the back of his head and caught a hard right to the back of his left ear. The second round was slow with Quillen sizing up Brinkley. The beginning of the third round had Quillen landing hard shots at will, and stopping Brinkley in his own corner. Brinkley was not mentally or physically prepared for this fight, and with two consecutive knockouts, he needs to seriously consider retiring.

Scheduled bouts featuring Carlos Gayton of Reno and former UNR collegiate champion Thomas Gennaro were scrubbed at the last minute.

The following Saturday and Sunday had Arce Boxing Club hosting amateur bouts at the Grand Sierra Resort. All the bouts were great, the boxers all showed up in shape and ready to box. Made me proud to be an amateur boxing coach.

• Victor Bruno is athletic director of Bruno’s Boxing Club in Carson City.