Pac-Man has held eight different titles |

Pac-Man has held eight different titles

Victor Bruno
For the Nevada Appeal

Manny (Pac-man) Pacquiao has moved up once again to do what no other boxer in the history of the sport of boxing has done and that is to conquer eight world title divisions. His latest being super welterweight at 147 pounds.

Pac-man has won his last 15 fights, five of them against much larger men, the biggest being Antonio Margarito with Pacquiao giving up 17 pounds.

Pacquiao, who on my scorecard won every round, did have his hands full. Margarito hurt Pacquiao with uppercuts and body shots, almost dropping him in the sixth round. But Pac-man was unstoppable as he pummeled the Tijuana Tornado into a bloody mess, closing his right eye and almost closing his left, giving him a large cut under the right eye, and fracturing his right eye socket.

Although it was a one sided fight, it was an exciting fight. It was exciting watching – what just might be pound-for-pound the greatest boxer ever – take on a much larger, tough opponent, who just wouldn’t quit.

Pacquiao seems to have only one problem. He might have worked himself out of a job, as he has beaten all the competition, and I mean all the competition because although the tough never say die, Margarito lasted 12 rounds, Floyd “Money” Mayweather won’t.

In fact, after watching Pacquiao destroy Margarito, I am convinced the he will knock Mayweather out. So maybe Money is really smart for ducking Pac-man.

Rarely do you ever see compassion in a pro boxing match especially a big title fight. Pac-man might have been able to knock out Margarito in the 12th round, but he admitted to going easy on him because of the damage already done to Margarito’s face. No you won’t hear Pac-man running his mouth about how he’s the greatest, he doesn’t have to. We are all waiting to see what happens next.

• Victor Bruno is athletic director of Bruno’s Boxing Club in Carson City.