Peters is perfect in Carson Country Open |

Peters is perfect in Carson Country Open

Darrell Moody

Most of the bowlers in the afternoon session at the Carson Country Open had already finished up and left Carson Lanes.

It’s too bad, because they missed a perfect game.

Jason Peters, 43, fired 12 consecutive strikes in his final game of the day for his seventh career 300, his second perfect game in a tournament. Throw in games of 214 and 266 and Peters finished with an impressive 780 series for his three-game singles set.

Peters wasn’t the only big roller. Andy Gatrell rolled a 290, while Lila Heideman rolled a 709 series with a high game of 257.

Peters will receive a ring for his efforts, which he said will go to his wife, who was cheering him on.

Peters said 11 of the strikes left no doubt. He said he did get a little help when the 10-pin was kicked out midway through the game.

“You still get nervous,” Peters said. “I try to think it’s the first or second frame. I try not to think how many I’ve strung together. I just concentrate on what I need to do.

“People on the left had just finished and the people on the right were on their last frame I think. I’d rather have people around. It feels like bowling.”

Next up for Peters is that elusive 800 series.

“That’s my next goal,” said Peters, who has a 200 average at Silver Strike Lanes and stills bowls in some PBA regional events. “I’ve been close. Eight times I’ve been within seven pins.”

Peters, who installs PBX systems for Verizon, has lived in the area since 2007. He moved here from Southern California.

In team competition (team average of more than 700 for four bowlers with handicap), the Super Sport Motors team of Lance Godec, Jason Clark, Jim Godec and Joseph Pharm won with 2,848. Independent Auto was second with 2,742. Senior Guys and Dolls #1 finished third with a 2,729. The Fireballz were fourth with 2,673 and Split Happens was fifth with 2,651.

In team competition (team average of 699 or less with handicap), Whatever, thanks to Ed Williams, Steve Hall, Asa Evans and Wood Rakow, won with a 2, 842. SBG was next with 2,792 followed by Double Double at 2,790. BADD was fourth at 2,769 and Thompson Construction was at 2,742.

In doubles (350 combined average and up with handicap), Peters and Wade Sturgeon knocked down 1,690 pins to get the win. Clifford Gordon and Vernon Barnes were second at 1,530, Pharm and Jason Clark were third at 1,481, Brian Collins and Chris Porcello took fourth with a 1,472 and Danny Couste and Gene Couste took fifth with a 1,421.

In the other doubles group (349 and below combined average plus handicap), George Beard and Louis Hall were first with 1,429. Evans and Elwood Rakow were second with 1,403. Brain Larsen and David Dickey were third at 1.394, Phil Thompson and Michael Folstrom were fourth at 1.392 and Barbara and Edward Betts were fifth at 1.387.

In the top singles division, Peters finished with a 874 to win the title. Lila Heideman was second with an 800. Roland Gomes was third at 799, Stephen Domen was fourth at 788 and Vance Souza was fifth at 784.

In the lower singles division (average of 174 and lower), Lanne Kuchar won with an 808, followed by Cheryl Gray (768), Mary Luster (751), Terry Simmons (739) and Sharon Bjortvedt (726).

This was the third Carson Country Open since the men, women and youth groups were merged into one big group.

“This was better than last year,” said Chris Beard, president of the Carson Country group, who estimates there were about 120 bowlers in the two-day event. “We’re trying to build it back up.

“When we first merged we didn’t do a very good job getting the word out. Once we got people to come to the meeting (it was better).”

The men’s invitational and women’s city tournament are scheduled next month at the Gold Dust.