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Pivot motion for the back swing

Terry Gingell column

Last week we discussed the impact position, the most important part of the golf swing.

I know that you have been practicing diligently and therefore we can move on to the pivot motion. The pivot motion is the movement of the body for the entire swing. Today’s lesson is the pivot motion for the back swing. The pivot motion for the back swing serves several purposes, the most important being getting the body behind the ball and in position for the forward swing. It also positions the body in such a way that the arms are free to swing on the correct path into and beyond the ball.

Follow this drill and your back swing will improve!

Place a club on the inside of the right foot.

Hold a club across the shoulders.

Adopt the address position.

Rotate the shoulders and chest around the stable right knee and thigh.

No excessive lifting of the left heel.

Ninety-degree shoulder turn.

Club across shoulders is now above club on ground.

Height remains constant although the head is allowed to move and turn slightly to the right.

Repetition is the key to correct practice. Repetition makes the movements become more instinctive.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf and can be reached at 887-7174.