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Position for the chip shot

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

The short game plays a huge role in your ability to score well. Too often a golfer will hit two or three decent shots to get close to the green only to take three, four or more to get into the hole.

There are two reasons for this: not enough practice and not having a clear concept of how to play the shot at hand.

The chip shot is a shot that often gives people problems and it should not. The chip shot is not that tough to master. Follow these simple guidelines and you will improve your chipping quickly.

The chip shot is a short shot that rolls about twice as far as it flies. It should only be played when it is possible to land the ball on the green.

n Select a pitching wedge.

n Feet closer together than normal.

n Line across toes slightly to the left of the target.

n More weight on the front (left) foot.

n Ball positioned inside the right foot (further back than normal).

n Hands in front of left thigh.

n Swing the club back and forward equal distance.

n Come to a complete stop at the finish of the swing.

n Club head in line with the left arm.

n Do not lift the ball; let the loft of the club do the work.

n No wrists!

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