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Darrell Moody: Brown honored with Tresnit Award

Darrell Moody

If you have been involved in youth or community sports in Carson City the last 10 years, Kyme Brown is a familiar name.

Brown was active with the Carson City Pop Warner program for several years, and she has been involved with the football and wrestling programs at Carson High School.

If you know Brown, she is personable with a heart of gold. And, more importantly she gets things done. When help is asked for, she pitches in with no questions asked.

It’s the reason why Brown was named the winner of the Milan Tresnit Award an honor given to a member of the community who supports CHS football.

Brown said she was surprised to hear her name announced at this year’s annual kick-off dinner at Marv Texeira Pavilion this past August. It was the reason why coach Blair Roman was so secretive about the award winner.

Brown first got involved in youth sports in 2004 with the local Pop Warner program.

“It had to do with making changes that needed to be made,” she said. “I started out as secretary. I’d been a team mom before that. A bunch of us were talking about it. We decided things needed to change, so we stepped up.”

Brown was on the board when the group uncovered an embezzlement involving the treasurer of the group, Tamerlee Davidson, who served in that capacity from July 2005 to January 2006 and was arrested. According to reports, Davidson’s records failed to account for $8,000 to $10,000 from the 2005 season. In that time, only one cash deposit of $450 was deposited. According to past police reports $21,000 was raised through various fund-raisers and clothing sales.

Eventually, Brown became president of the group, serving in that role from 2006-2008. She stepped away a couple of years later.

“We looked a lot at player safety and building a stronger program,” Brown said. “We want to do what was best for the kids. We had coaches take CPR classes. We wanted to make sure if something did happen on the field, we’d be prepared for it.”

Brown started helping at CHS in 2010. She started working on the football program, and to this day, continues in that role.

“I got a call to help,” she said. “They were having issues with the program. Some of the ads needed to be re-done. They were the wrong size. On one of the ads, an old business card was used and it still had a Las Vegas number.”

Brown worked closely with past president Brad Kiesow and current president Bret Andreas. She said she has committed to working with Andreas through next year.

Her main job is to handle the yearly game program, and she also helps Andreas with the yearly kick-off dinner.

She has now taken on another job, helping with the wrestling program. Brown is helping new coach Justin Shine get organized. Shine is taking over for Paul Carter, who’s now at Dordt College working on his Masters and coaching football. Shine was Carter’s top assistant last year.

“I’m helping Justin with getting the program together,” she said. “We’re also forming a booster’s club like football has; setting up a non-profit type of thing.”