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Darrell Moody: Prep track needs qualifying marks… now

Darrell Moody

I talked recently about the fact that the track regionals need to be held on back-to-back days instead of over two weeks.

My second complaint about track is that an athlete should have to reach a qualifying mark to get into regionals. You have pole vaulters who haven’t cleared more than 9-6 during the season having to clear an opening height of 10-feet. Ditto for the high jump where kids have only cleared 5-6 during the season and have trouble clearing an opening height of 5-8.

Make those changes, and you have a more competitive and possibly streamlined meet. It should be an honor to compete at regionals, not a given. Mediocrity during the season shouldn’t be rewarded with a post-season berth.

Swimming does it the right way, and hopefully track will follow suit.


Just a reminder for those of you living under a rock recently, Carson High is hosting this year’s state track meet on Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure there will be some Carson kids who qualify, but in my opinion the biggest draw may be Bishop Gorman’s Randall Cunningham II, the son of the former NFL quarterback. Cunningham, who is headed to USC where he’ll compete in track and football, has high jumped 7-feet-3. Trust me folks, that’s worth the $10 admission alone.


As expected, Shelby Tuttle has resigned as Carson’s varsity softball coach after two seasons.

The Senators compiled a 19-42-1 mark in that span. This year’s team went 10-20-1 and missed the postseason by one game.

Bob Bateman, Carson’s athletic director, said he hopes to have a new coach in place by the end of the school year.

I would love to see Scott Vickrey come back to lead the Senators. You also have Carlos Mendeguia and Cody Farnworth on campus, both of whom have young daughters who play travel softball. Mendeguia assisted with the JV team this year.

The real weakness in the program is lack of pitching. If that doesn’t come around, it could be lean times for the Senators for a couple of years.


I’ve not seen anything from Western Nevada College, but it appears Carson shortstop Gehrig Tucker is headed to the Wildcats in the fall.

I think it’s a win-win situation. Tucker is a versatile player with the ability to play five or six positions, and those kind of guys always find a way to get at-bats in coach D.J. Whittemore’s lineup. Tucker hit .487 this year with 24 RBIs. And, he’ll be close enough so his family and friends can catch a lot of the games.

It’s always good to see local baseball talent stay home to play, and I wish Whittemore had more Northern Nevada kids on his roster. It certainly would help his attendance if nothing else.