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Darrell Moody: Wooster does not belong in Division 1 football

Darrell Moody

Amaya Mendeguia, left, and Aleea Howe will play for the Nevada Lightning at next week’s national 12-u softball tournament in Roseville.

Three Carson residents, Kailee Luschar, Lauren Hawkins and Kedre Luschar are playing in the same tournament for Nevada Stealth.

Unless something happens, Wooster will be back in Division 1 football starting with 2016.

I can’t tell you how wrong that is.

I remember the last time Wooster played at Carson — seven snaps and six TDs in the first half. It was a joke. Carson’s JV team played and scored at the end of the game. The Colts haven’t even shown they can make the playoffs in Division 1A, so why would people in the NIAA let them back in?

There has been some talk both Wooster and Hug would go down to 1A. That should happen — now.

Wooster has a good boys soccer program and some good individual wrestlers, but the basketball squads failed to win a league game last year. Baseball is a scrappy bunch, but it’s been quite some time since the Colts made the playoffs. The softball program is average.

If the NIAA wants Wooster to succeed, Washoe Schools need to re-district. Otherwise, the school will continue to struggle.

Hug athletic director Marv Mercer was turned down by his own administration when he looked into changing classifications. Hug is another school that needs to play down.

If both Hug and Wooster moved down, you would have a 1A with Fernley, Fallon, Lowry, Spring Creek, Elko, Dayton, Sparks, South Tahoe and Truckee. Not a bad group. And, if you wanted to limit travel, split it into two divisions.

And, if you wanted, just 10 1A teams, move Dayton to Division III. It’s where the Dust Devils belong anyway. They have only around 700 students, but I bet the athletic pool is maybe about 120-150. Maybe new principal Steve Henderson will talk to the NIAA and other D-3 schools about moving down.


Five girls from the area, representing two fast-pitch travel teams based out of Reno, will travel to Roseville for the 12-and-under national tournament.

Amaya Mendeguia of Carson, daughter of CHS basketball coach Carlos Mendeguia, and Aleea Howe of Dayton will play for the Nevada Lightning.

Representing the Stealth are Carson residents Kailee and Kedre Luschar, and Lauren Hawkins.

Amaya Mendeguia has been selected to throw out the first pitch at opening ceremonies.


We at the Nevada Appeal didn’t make a big deal of it earlier this week, but I’m glad the Barry Bonds court case was finally tossed without a conviction.

It turned out to be a lot of wasted time and money, none of which can be brought back. I feel it was a witch hunt which ultimately failed and deprived baseball of one of its greatest players.

I think I would have made a bigger deal of if there was still a chance he could make a comeback, but that ship sailed quite some time ago.

Bonds was stupid, and for me to say that is a big deal because I’m a huge Giants fan. If, and that’s a big if, he took steroids than it was an idiotic move because he was going into the Hall of Fame whether he had a 73-homer season or not. The guy was a five-time MVP, and that in itself was enough.

Look at A-Rod, he admits guilt and gets a suspension. If Bonds had admitted guilt, he would have been back in the game after a year, and he would have added to his homer total. Take the 73-homer season away and he’s still in the Hall of Fame.

I think Bonds wanted some of the adulation and excitement Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa generated with their homer battle. Maybe he felt left out, who knows. Only Bonds knows what was going on in his head.

Should Bonds be voted into the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. Anybody who doesn’t think so, doesn’t know baseball, is racist, or just doesn’t like the guy. There are plenty who fall into the latter category.

Trust me when I say this, there are a lot worse guys in sports than Barry Bonds, and I’ve met a few of them.