Great crowd at Dayton-Fernley hoops games |

Great crowd at Dayton-Fernley hoops games

Darrell Moody

It was absolute electric at Dayton High on Friday for the Dust Devils’ games against Fernley. It was loud and boisterous which is exactly what you want to see at a high school game.

Fernley brought probably 50-60 students, and top that off with a lot of parents, and you have a pretty decent crowd. As usual, the Dayton rooting section was jammed. I’d estimate probably 150-200 kids. The two groups took turns trying to out-yell each other. It was good, clean fun.

I’m anxious to see what kind of crowd Douglas and Carson draw Tuesday at Carson. I sort of wish Carson-Douglas games were always scheduled for a Friday or Saturday which might bring the crowd count up. Nothing would please me more than to see 1,500-2,000 in the seats.


It’s a real logjam at the top of the Sierra League boys standings. Carson, after its narrow win over North Valleys, is on top at 6-2. Damonte and Galena are a step behind at 5-2, and Douglas is next at 5-3. Manogue is 1-6 and Wooster is 0-8. I think it’s safe to say that Manogue and Wooster are out of playoff competition though half the season still remains.

The top four will be playing for position the rest of the way. Reed is undefeated on the High Desert side with Spanish Springs and Reno two games back. McQueen is 3-5 and in fourth place.

The Sierra League girls race is pretty much a battle for second, third and fourth between Carson (5-3), Douglas (6-2) and Damonte (4-3). Manogue is 6-1, and I don’t see anybody other than Reno or Reed beating the Miners.


My take on today’s conference championship games?

My heart is with the 49ers and I hope they win, but if I were playing a parlay card I would take Seattle and the under. I think the big key is how well the 49ers can run the ball. They need to stay out of third-and-long situations as much as possible.

I read with interest Joe Montana’s recent comments on Colin Kaepernick, and I do agree to an extent. I do think Kap needs to be able to be more accurate. He had a tough time with accuracy at Nevada. Montana was great at making big throws despite having a defender right in his face. It’s what made him so good; pinpoint accuracy. He was always calm under pressure.

I’m rooting for the Broncos today, and I do think they will cover the 6 1/2, though it will be tough. The Broncos need to contain New England’s running game. If LeGarrette Blount goes wild again, it could be a long day for Peyton & Co. This will come down to a chess match between Manning and New England coach Bill Belichick. No doubt he will have some different looks for Manning.

The key for either defense is not letting either quarterback get comfortable, forcing them to throw from different spots. Historically, Brady hasn’t done well when you get some pressure on him.