Greenwave engages in aggressive soccer |

Greenwave engages in aggressive soccer

Adam Robertson
Nick Kulick sends the ball flying, stealing it from Spring Creek’s Nick Sanchez.

The Greenwave boys’ soccer team took an 8-0 loss Friday, after a strong match against the Spring Creek Spartans.

The first half was intense as both teams fought hard. The match was tight with players constantly pushing into each other to get possession of the ball.

The match was particularly aggressive as both teams played rough, leading to lots of shoving, falls and at least one injury — during one play, Fallon’s Nick Kulick took a kick to the shin and dropped. After a moment to recover, though, he was up and back in the game.

Fallon goalkeeper Erik Orozco had a particularly strong game, stopping most of Spring Creek’s 27 shots from going in.

“He hasn’t been playing for three weeks and he did outstanding today,” Fallon coach Miguel Orduna said.

Three goals made it through in the first half, though, giving the Spartans a halftime lead 3-0.

In the second half, things turned around for the Greenwave. According to Orduna, they opened up their offense and let the ball get through more often.

“The minute we start getting too wide, that’s when we get scored on too fast,” he said.

While Fallon’s boys still fought hard, the visiting team was able to break through and secure five more goals.

Spring Creek coach Leaf Knotts noted the Greenwave fought hard and always gives a tough match when they meet.

“They always give us a good match,” he said. “Kudos to coach Miguel, cause he’s always working hard with them.”

Orduna noted his team had some missed opportunities in passing and shooting. They have been working on staying closer together and playing a tighter game.

However, he commended Matthew Knight for his defensive game as well as Jose Gonzales. Orduna noted they had exceptional games.


The Greenwave had another home match Saturday afternoon against the Elko Indians, closing out with another loss 10-0.

Most of Elko’s goals were made in the first half, leading to a score of 8-0 at halftime. By the second, though, Fallon’s defense rallied and the Greenwave kept the Indians back, keeping them from scoring all but two goals.

Fallon coach Miguel Orduna said they played well and made progress in growing as a team. He recalled they were much more aggressive and passed the ball well.

The whole match went well, despite the loss, though the second half was where the home team shined.

“I’m very pleased with how well they played,” Orduna said. “They know they can’t quit.”

He also commended their stamina and determination. With a small team, there are few opportunities for substitution and the players are usually exhausted by the end of the match.

Even though the match was a loss, the coach said he is was confident with how his team is doing. He is confident they will have a great team next year and off-season practice will only improve their abilities.

The Greenwave had another game last night, against South Tahoe, and travel to Incline Village tomorrow to close out the regular season.