The Wave skid stops |

The Wave skid stops

Adam Robertson
Elijah Jackson, 2, plows through Dayton's Brenden Thomas, 55, on his way to the basket.
Steve Ranson / LVN |

The Fallon Greenwave broke their string of losses Friday with a 59-47 Northern 3A home win against the Dayton Dust Devils.

Fallon took the lead early and held it all four quarters. Dayton scored but to overcome a big lead to catch up with the first quarter ending 16-4.

In the second quarter both teams played hard across the board. Neither team scored much, though Dayton improved its position slightly. By halftime, the Dust Devils trailed 26-16.

Dayton continued to advance after halftime. The Dust Devils’ offense outpaced Fallon’s defenders and closed the score to within four points. Going into the final quarter, Fallon led 34-30.

In the fourth quarter, both teams gave it everything; the players flew across the court, turning over free throws as they fought for the ball. Dayton closed to a two-point score, but the Greenwave pushed and then opened the score to 12 points by the final buzzer.

“In the fourth quarter there, they got it to within three,” said Fallon coach Brad Barton. “Luckily, our guys played with a lot of poise and patience there in the end and settled down.”

Craig Smith led the Greenwave with 18 points from one trey and three free throws. Elijah Jackson followed with 14 points from two free throws, and Dalton Kaady tallied 11 points with seven free throws. Smith and Thomas Steele each made five rebounds with Kaady and Christian Nemeth grabbing four each.

Barton said it was a great team effort. He recalled everyone had time in the game and most of the players scored.

“That’s when we play our best, is when the whole team is contributing both defensively and offensively,” he said.

He also said he was happy with the Greenwave’s defensive game; the players were able to take and hold possession against players skilled at tall jumps.

Barton also praised Dayton’s players, saying they had a good offense and defense that took advantage of Fallon’s stagnant moments. He said they’re always a competitive team to play against.

The Greenwave took on Sparks at home yesterday, and this weekend they team travels to Elko and Spring Creek.

“We’re looking at having a good little run here toward the end of the season,” Barton said. “We’re playing really good basketball … We’ve gotta win at least three more games and maybe four to end up where we want to be for playoffs.”

Barton also wanted to thank the community, students and fans for their support during the season. He said the energy and support went a long way to encouraging the players and motivating them to do their best.